Rudderless Republicans

Now try getting out of the tree.

Until Lord Damp Nut descended on his golden escalator and onto Putin’s lap, Republicans hated the Godless commies. But they also hated Democrats nearly as much.

President Handsome Joe Biden and the Dims hate Russia, so Republicans have to decide whether they hate Russia more than they hate Democrats (and America, as Biden happens to be THEIR president, too).

Let’s look at some obvious examples of where Team Evil are

  • Donald Trump called Putin a genius for invading a democratic neighbor.
  • Sen. Josh Hawley and would-be senator J.D. Vance say the U.S. has no business getting involved with Ukraine at all, so isolationism.
  • Fox News (Republican Party Comms Team, you might be shocked to learn) is also going full isolation (see Tucker if you need proof).
  • The usual neocons want to enter with guns blazing.

About the only thing that they can all agree upon is that somehow, some way, this must all be Joe Biden’s fault. Amply be-chinned Moscow Mitch McConnell says that the withdrawal from Afghanistan is what emboldened Putin. Would-be Speaker K-Mac and his paste-eating leadership team are accusing Biden of appeasement: “Sadly, President Biden consistently chose appeasement and his tough talk on Russia was never followed by strong action.”

(All the assorted sanctions do not count, I guess? )

So… the usual message discipline of Team Evil has failed them, and weirdly, the herd of cats on the Left seem to be aligned. President Biden has kept the American people informed, and predicted events up to and including that an invasion was imminent (Last night they predicted it would start today, and lo!). Biden has managed to form an alliance that has remained entirely on the same page. And he’s kept the U.S. from any sort of direct military commitment, and thus from the possibility of another Afghan/Vietnam endless war.

I’m not saying that this is all hunky-dory for the Left, but what I am saying is that the Right is all over the map. I don’t want to downplay whatever is happening on the ground in Ukraine, but here at home it has caused a definite schism on the Right that could last through the 2022 Pie Fight.

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2 Responses to Rudderless Republicans

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Just gonna drop this off…

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  2. MDavis says:

    And Rudy was on Newmax saying “Russia has a president, we don’t”
    Nasty little man.
    Also, I saw a post listing some major things TFG did while in office – ignored NATO and tried to get the U.S. out of it, cut off funding for Ukraine meant to support their defenses – the excuse being they should lie about Biden to get their funds, a couple other things… (post ended – “Do you get it yet?!” )
    I guess this explains that photo of TFG and Putin walking out of their private meeting which is totally normal… not, looking all subdued and Putin looked just a bit smug. No notes. No U.S. translator.
    But anyone complaining about TFG’s actions was just suffering from TDS, right?

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