News That Will Drive You to Drink

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I read the news today, oh boy.

Give it up for the Louie Gohmert of Ron Johnsons in the Senate: Tommy Tuberville!

Tuberville discussed the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine. He claims that a large part of Vladimir Putin’s desire for further annexation of Ukrainian land is due to the amount of farmland in Ukraine.

“He can’t feed his people,” Tuberville said. “It’s a communist country, so he can’t feed his people, so they need more farmland.”

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7 Responses to News That Will Drive You to Drink

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Tuberville may be correct (I hate to admit it) in that, “The rich dark soil and the vast fields of wheat and other food products have earned Ukraine the nickname “bread basket of Europe.” According to the CIA World Factbook, Ukraine produced 25% of all agricultural output in the former Soviet Union.” The question remains is whether those vast fields of grain will be out of production for some time to come because of the invasion thus depriving Putin of his ill gotten gains or could have Putin negotiated a farm products accord with the Ukrainians in exchange for petrol. No, Putin has always been about the Russian version of Making America Great Again…

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  2. YellowDog says:

    Lebensraum is the correct term, and it’s not about Communists’ need for wheat. But it is not what’s happening here. Putin seemingly wants to reestablish a Russian empire. I’m sure the Finns are nervous, but they have experience kicking Russian ass (see:Winter War). Tuberville is an idiot, but that’s another discussion.

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  3. This is possibly the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard a US Senator utter. Russia hasn’t been a “communist country” for almost half his life (he’s 67); the USSR was dissolved in 1991.

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  4. roket says:

    “If you need more farmland, just take it. More genius,” TFG has not yet said.

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  5. Little Davey says:

    I was going to request, Mr Tengrain, for a new safety feature in your posts with

    “Wear a helmet before following the link and reading the original article”

    …but I see it is already there in the blog post caption “I read the news today oh boy” (image of man banging head on desk).

    Ok, I’ll prepare myself properly from now on, I can use my bicycle helmet.

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  6. spotthedog says:

    Somebody ask him if they have enough “hoes”, see if his face turns red.


  7. retiredeng says:

    Potato head says what?

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