Trump Desire Revealed: Senate Majority Leader Lindsey Graham

Belle Watling

Undated file photo

You read that right: Hair Füror —in his quest to install nothing but the best people— is wondering if Senatorette Miss Lindsey Graham could be the Majority Leader:

Since leaving office, former President Donald Trump has made no mystery of his desire to exact revenge on Mitch McConnell, by rallying pro-Trump senators to block McConnell from returning to his perch as majority leader. But the ex-president has been tight-lipped about who, exactly, he would want to back as McConnell’s prospective dethroner.

However, in private conversations with close associates over the past several months, at Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere, Trump has batted around a handful of GOP senators’ names in his quest to stick it to the riot-averse “dumb son of a bitch” McConnell. Since at least late last year, Trump has been asking a recurring question.

“Do you think Lindsey could do it?” he has asked advisers, according to two sources who’ve heard him pose this same question at different points over the past four months.

I’m convinced more than ever that Lord Damp Nut has kompromat on Lindsey.


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13 Responses to Trump Desire Revealed: Senate Majority Leader Lindsey Graham

  1. Lindsay could certainly be the majorette!!!!

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  2. Yes, let’s replace #MoscowMitches irn fisted rule of the senate with the remora Lindsey. The GQP Senate caucus will proceed to start savagely attacking each other like a nest of rabid velociraptors.

    See this for a lightly fictionalized account.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    “Do you think Lindsey could do it?”

    Do what? Be the Gary Bussy of the senate?

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  4. Baroque Pearl says:

    Holy Jeebus! Who’s doing the hair and makeup?

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  5. Richard Portman says:

    Ohkay, so he is gay and a cocksucker. You all act like you have never seen this before. These Miss Lindsay jokes are getting pretty thin. That man has political power. While you are doing your stupid jokes, did you look at yourselves?
    I am not a fan of Lindsay Graham, he is my enemy.


  6. paul fredine says:

    if ‘it’ is kiss ass and follow orders i’m tending toward saying (in my best bugs bunny voice) ‘cooould be’.


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