Poll: US Not Cool With Book Burning, Who Knew?

2022 Book Buring in Possum Hollar

It’s a small thing, but a thing nonetheless:

Americans overwhelmingly reject the idea of banning books about history or race. One reason for that: a big majority also say teaching about the history of race in America makes students understand what others went through.

Large majorities — more than eight in 10 — don’t think books should be banned from schools for discussing race and criticizing U.S. history, for depicting slavery in the past or more broadly for political ideas they disagree with.


Eighty percent seems not just conclusive, but decisive. It’s an interesting article, but most of the facts are contained in infographics that would be unfair to share here. It gives me hope.

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5 Responses to Poll: US Not Cool With Book Burning, Who Knew?

  1. This doesn’t give me hope, to be honest. Similarly large majorities are in favor of abortion and voting rights, and lo, we’re losing both because of the people all these majorities keep electing. Similarly large, bipartisan majorities are in favor of a host of other things that would mak all our lives better, but aren’t being translated into actual improvements because our society is riddled top to bottom with rightwing reactionaries in office, and our courts have been packed with the likes of Boofer and Bony Carrot. … A texas judge appointed by the Federalist Society has decided that the only plaintiff that ever has standing to sue under the Voting Rights Act is the US Attorney General’s office.

    (in Arizona 67% of the electorate passed a referendum raising the state minimum wage, and explicitly allowing cities to require higher wages and other rules. AZ referendums are State Constitutional Amendments, yet here we are a bare couple years later, the elected officials are trying to block what we the stinky pipples voted for.


    Note this will be presented as a referendum, too, but unlike citizen-originated ones which are being increasingly made difficult to get on the ballot: one proposal would make it a requirement that the signature requirement …which is now a %’age of all voters in the last election must sign the petition.be extended to that percentage myst be met in every legislative district, so some district with a couple hundred people could block the entire rest of the state from voting on something, meanwhile the Lege can stick any old damn thing they want on the ballot. )

    Als always, the only poll that ever matters, any time is the one conducted on Election Day.


    (because they do!)

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    • tengrain says:

      I will also add: Don’t eff with Librarians, they are badass mother-eff’ers who know how to cut a bitch.

      But what BDR said, X 100.



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  2. osirisopto says:

    It’s not the right 80%.


  3. DK says:

    The question is when are Democratic candidates going to start contrasting unpopular Republican priorities like book banning, forced birth, culture war division, mass gun violence, defending Putin, legitimizing Jan 6 terror, and raising taxes on the poor with Democratic successes like record job growth, the infrastructure bill, the Recovery Act, uniting NATO, and ending the endless Afghan war?


  4. CalicoJack says:

    The problem with polling is that it isn’t voting. When the 80% that tell pollsters this thing they support actually vote in support of it, then we’ll see real change. As it is, too many white voters vote their racial animus and not their polled opinions.



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