Traitors Gotta Betray

His Master’s Voice
(Hat tip: @pacelatin)

Absolutely un-eff’ing believable.

Maybe Trump Tower Moscow is still a thing?

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    How smart is that? Well, I leave that to the sissorheads to answer, but In 2014, Donald Trump explained that he did not like the phrase ‘American exceptionalism,’ because it offended Vladimir Putin: “Well, I think it’s a very dangerous term in one way, because I heard Putin saying, ‘Who do they think they are, saying they’re exceptional?” Well, TFG never thought of us as exceptional which is clearly arguable given our history, of slavery and brush fire wars, but Putin turns out to be a wannabe warlord willing to kill millions to stay in power. How exceptional is that?

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    • Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

      Hey, Trump presided over the deaths of a half-million Americans. If he had won in 2020, the COVID death toll would probably be a lot higher.

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  2. ali redford says:

    🤯 A “peace force” with “army tanks” is “gonna keep peace all right.” 🤯
    I wonder what dictionary gave him a definition of peace that includes such things? I used to wish him a long, healthy life to sit in prison and reflect on his wrongs. Now I just want him to go away, and to do so quickly.

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    • tengrain says:

      Going away quickly to prison would be OK, wouldn’t it? — TG

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      • ali redford says:

        Yep. As long as it’s away from society! ☮

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      • Richard Portman says:

        No, because he will never go to prison. He deserves it, but it will never happen. We have to wait and let Nature take her course. Every morning i turn the radio hoping to hear that this thing is gone, every morning i am disappointed. It will happen.


    • pagan in repose says:

      Yes, it is a WAR force not a peace force. And of course it has nothing to do with peace it is a dictator’s war choice and the way to keeping himself, Putin the little man, in power.

      Trump and Putin are the same tin pot kind of dictators. Both are little tiny men at their hearts. Scared by their shadows, etc.

      It is not to say they are not dangerous, they are very dangerous, but all their yapping about lends itself to showing what little men they are. And they will kill as many people as needed to prove just how big they would like to think they are but they know they aren’t. The fact that they need to kill (really, have someone else do the actual killing) people to prove they are anything, is insane.

      As a species, we all have lots of failings. But those two mooks are a disgusting version of the worst of our species.

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  3. I read the tRump statement. Then I read it again. I still was not sure it was said by an adult or a person that spoke English as a native language. Take the first sentence where he says he walked in to a room and seen a TV screen and said genius. Uhm TV screens have been around a long time, even in the current form. I am sure he must have seen them before, yet to him they are still awe inspiring devices? It got worse from there. This is the guy his cult defends as the smartest greatest businessman ever. I don’t get it. I need to go look at my TV and see if I can find genius.

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  4. roket says:

    We could use that on our southern border? Why? Is Guetalama getting ready to invade Mexico or are we the baddies? What a fricking dunderhead.

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    • I honestly don’t think Sonora and Chihuahua want to declare independence from Mexico. I would gladly accept Sonora’s offer to incorporate Baja Arizona, though…

      On to the tractors ravings: Of course Putin wouldn’t have done this had that fucking guy been president, because Daddy Putin was already getting everything he wanted.

      You will notice all those civilians the Russians so graciously “evacuated” from Ukraine…notice the distinct lack of any males between the age of 14 and 65?

      Yeah. That “great genius” Putin has taken hundreds, if not thousands of hostages…

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  5. Redhand says:

    Absolutely un-eff’ing believable.

    One would have thought he’d be too embarrassed to say anything, but since he’s incapable of embarrassment, and so in thrall with that murderous psychopath that even now he craves Puty’s approval, and above all since he’s a fucking fascist himself, there was neither need nor ability on his part to hide his emotions. He’s such a cretin that he doesn’t realize how fundamentally un-American he is and he certainly doesn’t care.

    The tragedy is that he’s infected a large swath of his brain-dead followers in the Congress, the media, and the GQP base with the same sycophantic love of dictators. He’s made fascism in America fashonable.

    I dearly want to see him indicted, convicted, and imprisoned. It can’t come fast enough. Failing that, I wish he’d just drop dead.

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  6. DK says:

    Trump praises Putin’s warmongering, then says it wouldn’t happen were he president. Make it make sense.

    Mike Pompeo says he “respects” Putin. I’m glad Democrats don’t respect a dictators who rigs elections and who poisons, jails, and murders political opponents.

    Candace Owens says to forget Russia and invade Canada.

    Conservatives are crazy, America-hating traitors.

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  7. Sirius Lunacy says:

    When you are a moron EVERYONE else looks like a genius.

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  8. w3ski4me says:

    Isn’t this outburst the very definition of Treason? Giving aid and comfort to an enemy of the US. Again the OrangeToadstool gives us the evidence from his own fat mouth and do we act and Prosecute? Hell no.
    We called Reagan the Teflon President but he had nothing on TFG.


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