UPDATED: Don’t Know Much About History, yadda-yadda-yadda

Guys, as I have stated many times, I am not an expert on much of anything. I barely understand our own Island of Misfit Toys, how could I possibly understand the rest of the world? I cannot ascribe motives of players from cultures that I do not know.

So for good, bad, other reasons I generally avoid commenting on international conflicts until they hit our borders. It’s just not my wheelhouse.

But here’s a thing I do know: former KGB mastermind Putin is 10 years in to his current term —and 19 years overall!—  he spends all of his time in an underground bunker, and he is in the thrall of a bunch of hardliners, mobsters and plutocrats, who similarly are out of touch with the rest of their country. He lives in a bubble, is what I am saying. And we know how bubbles work, right?

One of the strategies that President Handsome Joe Biden is doing to get under Putin’s skin is releasing selective intelligence ahead of Putin’s every move. It seems very clever to me besides preemptively check-mating Putin in front of the world, he is also letting Putin know that someone in the bunker is not to be trusted. But whom? The paranoia must be mounting down there.

Just sayin’ at some point human nature is going to start playing a role.

UPDATE 1: Scissorhead MDavis presents a view from Finland who knows a thing or two about Russian ambition.

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3 Responses to UPDATED: Don’t Know Much About History, yadda-yadda-yadda

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Ok, the flippant answer is that some Russian pee hooker leaked something. I’ll have a more serious answer when I get back from the dentist…

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  2. Not entirely sure how “out of touch” with his country he is; he’s got the Church and it’s goons on his side, all the olds nostalgic for the good old daze, and he can actually get away with Lock Her Up!

    Waitaminnit…this sounds ominously familiar….

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  3. Angryspitte says:

    Will we see several defenestrations?

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