If You Cannot Spot The Con Man…

Didn’t know mouths could get hemorrhoids.

…then you are the mark:

NEW YORK ― Former President Donald Trump spent $375,000 raised from his followers for rent at his financially troubled Manhattan skyscraper last year ― even though his political committees have no presence in the building.

“It’s a huge scam,” said one former aide with direct knowledge of Trump’s political spending. “I can’t believe his base lets him get away with it.”

They are probably delighted to be fleeced by this low-rent grifter.

The ex-aide’s assertion was confirmed by a Trump Tower employee who screens traffic to offices above the floors that are open to visitors. When asked for permission to visit Trump’s political office recently, the employee told HuffPost that Save America and its related entities did not have offices there.
“It’s all being run out of Florida,” he said, declining to give his name.

Trump’s staff at his political committees did not respond to HuffPost queries.

This seems like such an obvious scam, renting to yourself from yourself and paying for it by donations. It feels like more money laundering to me, but probably it is technically not.

I dunno if there is a campaign finance law being broken here, but I suspect that there is.

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7 Responses to If You Cannot Spot The Con Man…

  1. So long as he’s not a declared candidate, I think it’s not a campaign violation. Hooray For Citizens United Not Timid, and the Supreme Court deciding money is speech. those motherfuckers….

    And you’re right, the MAGA faithful will always let him grab their wallets from their pussies.

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Kinda like buying your own hat, with someone else’s money.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    Everytime I see that photo I want to throw up, but then I found this on Reddit, and no, I don’t want to throw up anymore, but it makes me very angry. We came so close to having a dictatorship, and we still might yet be heading there. The traitors are working on it…

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  4. The photo of Trump with his lips puckered looks like nothing so much as a prolapsed anus!

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  5. FELINE MAMA says:

    A little O.T. however,… The finding of The Treasonous Asshole taking Classified Docs to Merde del Lardo makes me think; it’s all common knowledge of some of the High Profile peeps/foreign dips. he “entertained” there; it would NOT “Shock & Awe” Me, if, maybe, he liked to share some things with his visitors. Maybe, for a Coke or hamberder? Why there?? Why not?!?

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  6. roket says:

    To TFG there is a reason to nail and a time for every purpose under heaven to hammer the hell out of that frigging nail. Every single day.

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