Some Fries With Your Stupid, Florida?

Where the debris meets the sea:

Drivers hit with traffic violations in Miami Beach expected to go to an official website where they could handle their tickets.

After all, they’d gotten the Web address from fliers given to them by the police officers who’d cited them in the first place.

But the link provided did not take drivers to the Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts website, where they would have been able to pay their fines or elect to go to traffic school. Instead, it directed them to a page hawking pro-Trump merchandise, much of it supporting the former president’s potential run to reclaim the White House in 2024.

All I can think of is Gov. DeSantis weeping. “Why didn’t I think of that first?,” he didn’t wail. “Imma second-rate grifter!”

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Baron vonBeavis)

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2 Responses to Some Fries With Your Stupid, Florida?

  1. Yeah the PD is all like Oh Wow We didn’t know that??? but you gotta wonder HOW that site’s grifters ended up with just all innocent and accidental like.

    Though whois sez it was created in 2007, so it’s been a typosquat for a long time, just wonder if the update was when it went full MAGA…

    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2021-11-10T01:22:51Z
    Creation Date: 2007-12-14T19:44:50Z

    The wayback machine shows a standard typosquat-like interface for old years: (this from 2012)

    And in 2018 it looks like some sort of ‘Legalforms’ scam site:

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  2. Swindlers, cheats and bums.

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