Meanwhile, In Colorado

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First, the background:

In May 2021, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters allowed an unauthorized person to access voting machines and attend a secure update of their software. That individual, a local man named Gerald Wood, took pictures and made copies of the hard drives, with the images ending up posted online.

And now, the news:

Mesa County’s embattled Republican Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters is entering the race for Colorado Secretary of State.

Peters made the announcement on Steve Bannon’s War Room, a podcast hosted by the rightwing political strategist.

Of course that’s where she would announce it!

If Peters makes it through the contested Republican primary, she would face the woman whose office has been investigating her for the past seven months — Democrat Jena Griswold.

Griswold has something to say about this development:

“Peters compromised voting equipment to try to prove conspiracies, costing Mesa County taxpayers nearly one million dollars,” said Griswold in a written statement.

“She works with election deniers, spreads lies about elections, was removed from overseeing the 2021 Mesa County election, and is under criminal investigation by a grand jury.”

The article notes,

A Grand Jury is currently considering potential criminal charges for election tampering and misconduct against Peters. And the state has filed a second lawsuit, to have her removed from overseeing the 2022 election as Mesa Clerk.

…so Peters arrives at the race pretty much already opposition researched by a grand jury, possibly indicted, and definitely well-known as a devotee of the Big Lie and the Big Liar. This will be a race to watch because if she wins the nomination, it will really be only because of her participation in trying to subvert democracy.

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Ming, who lives adjacent to Mesa but in the same congressional district, who, uh, elected Boebert. Another reason to watch this race.)

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8 Responses to Meanwhile, In Colorado

  1. Jimmy T says:

    And of course, her arrest is on video. Seems like a delightful woman…

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    • ming says:

      Some context via Colorado Public Radio:

      Peters isn’t the only member of her office in legal trouble.

      Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisley was arrested in early September and charged with burglary and cybercrimes. Knisley had been on paid leave while the county investigated a complaint that she was causing a hostile work environment. Despite being barred from the county offices, she was allegedly found there several days later and had logged into a computer using Peters’ credentials and emailed the county IT department from Peters’ email account. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

      That case against Knisley has led to further legal trouble for Peters; she is accused of lying to a judge about filming one of Knisley’s hearings, against courtroom rules. When investigators with the district attorney’s office and the Grand Junction Police Department attempted to serve a search warrant to seize her iPad, the ensuing confrontation resulted in two misdemeanor charges against Peters.

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  2. I think she’s been charged with ‘obstructing a peace officer’ for the first arrest.

    The GQP is losing it’s fucking mind. We have a State senator here in TTSKoA trying to pass a bill that would prevent cities from ever cutting spending on police and may mandate spending increases, on pain of the city losing all state funding.

    He is literally demanding that we become a police state.

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  3. roket says:

    At this rate, republicans will be electing serial killers by 2050.

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