#TruckNutz Continues!

Keep on fappin’

Meanwhile, in the Great White North:

As Freedom Convoy marks its second week entrenched in the Canadian capital, a new poll is providing some of the clearest evidence yet that this affair could end up dealing a catastrophic blow to the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau… A new Maru Public Opinion poll found that 56 per cent of Canadians don’t have an iota of sympathy for Freedom Convoy — and two thirds wouldn’t mind seeing their blockades cleared by military force.

Which is not to say that Canada isn’t trying to get rid of this pestilence:

“A standoff between police and protesters from the self-styled ‘Freedom Convoy’ opposing coronavirus vaccine mandates continued Sunday near a vital U.S.-Canada border crossing, even as crowds reportedly started shrinking overnight and one arrest was made. After law enforcement enforced an injunction ordering truckers and their supporters to leave, and ticketed and towed vehicles, a defiant core of protesters mostly remained on foot as temperatures dropped below freezing.”

Our pals at Electoral-Vote published a letter this morning that gives us some background on the organizers, and you’ll be shocked to learn that it might be staged and not organic:

According to Justin Ling in The Guardian, the convoys appear to have been organized by James Bauder, a conspiracy theorist who believes COVID-19 is a political scam and has endorsed the QAnon movement. Canada’s recent vaccine requirement for crossing the Canadian border provided a catalyst to pull together a number of different groups opposed to public health measures with anti-government protesters. The protests were neither popular nor representative of truckers: there were never more than about 8,000 protesters, 90% of truckers crossing the border are vaccinated, and the Canadian Trucking Alliance strongly opposes the protest.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Canadian Trucking Alliance told Rose White of MLive that many of the Freedom Convoy protesters “have no connection to the trucking industry and have a separate agenda beyond a disagreement over cross-border vaccine requirements.” Ling noted that the convoy participants flew neo-Nazi and Confederate flags and had QAnon logos on their trucks, but Bauder urged his supporters stick to the message of “freedom.”

The “Freedom Convoy” has been pushed by fake accounts on social media and has picked up supporters from the U.S. right wing, including leading lawmakers. Facebook officials told NBC News that fake accounts tied to content mills in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Romania, and several other countries have been pushing the convoy. Their disinformation is working; donations from the U.S. have flooded into accounts supporting the convoy protesters.

And then here at home, Schrödinger’s Senator is a YUGE fan of the truck convoy (or is it a CARAVAN, HNNNGHHH?!) in Canada destroying our supply chain, putting the recovery at risk, and (of course) hurting people who work in manufacturing:

“I’m all for it,” Paul, a longtime opponent to masking and vaccine mandates, told the conservative media outlet. “Civil disobedience is a time-honored tradition in our country, from slavery to civil rights, to you name it. Peaceful protest, clog things up, make people think about the mandates.”

He added: “I hope the truckers do come to America, and I hope they clog up cities.”

Because Rand Paul hates America and wants to see us fail.

Somewhere, Vlad is smiling.

UPDATE 1: I meant to include this above, from Scissorhead MDavis –

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15 Responses to #TruckNutz Continues!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    And then their secure comms were hacked by the bois at Ram Ranch …

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  2. roket says:

    Will these poor mistreated and soon-to-be-fired Canadian truckers be able to draw unemployment for refusing a shot as they can here in some states?

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    • MDavis says:

      I’d be interesting in a breakdown of how many of these people are Canadian truckers, how many are U.S.ian truckers, how many are actually truckers. Quote says someone from the Canadian Trucking Alliance claims a lot of these protesters are not connected to the trucking industry at all. So who’s filtering their support for this incident through Vietnam, Bangladesh, Romania, et al? Could it be… a false flag?

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  3. I’m sorry how does:

    A new Maru Public Opinion poll found that 56 per cent of Canadians don’t have an iota of sympathy for Freedom Convoy — and two thirds wouldn’t mind seeing their blockades cleared by military force

    portend a ‘mortal blow’ to Justin Trudeau’s government????

    Is this some sort of Canadastan corrolary to Murc’s Law?

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  4. moeman says:

    Justin Ling on Twitter is the best follow for this d/evolving shitstory.

    I live 20 minutes from Ottawa and work there at the university, 5 minutes from the F-truckers.

    Only one bridge from my side of the river is open, making the commute a waste of time.

    I’ve been to my labs twice, for 2 hours, in the last 3 weeks.

    Fuck these fuckers !

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  5. Rev.Paperboy says:

    the crazy part of this Russian intelligence operation is that when the truck-nuts are told they have been duped into a Russian intelligence operation all they will do is say that “Well at least Putin is a STRONG leader!” because they are fascists at heart. Vlad must be loving this. Closing the border at Windsor alone is costing the economies of Canada and the US something like $350 million a day. And if he can get it to spread to the US now that the test run in Canada has been successful, you can expect another round of yahoos storming the Capitol.


  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    I haven’t clicked on any of the Youtube vids or rage uncle links that have been popping up this evening, but it looks like a new iteration of ‘But Her Emails’ is now playing on Fox News.

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    • muttpupdad says:

      Playing on endless repeat whenever the GQP needs a diversion from some idiotic action they have done.


    • MDavis says:

      If you are seeing the same thing I’m seeing it’s “but her tweets” about, can I be remembering this right, tweets from 2016 where Hillary allegedly pushed the Trump-to-Russian servers investigation. Let the hysterical embroidery continue.


  7. IMRowPog says:

    I suspect that the people who make big economic decisions are thinking “Robo-trucks!”!


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