Tuberville: ‘I’m The Best Gubmint Money Can Buy’

Making America Dumb Again

Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville —the Louie Gohmert of Ron Johnsons of the Senate —distinguishes himself again:

Repeat STOCK Act violator Sen Tommy Tuberville calls trading ban for Congress ‘ridiculous’

Alabama Republican Sen Tommy Tuberville told The Independent that efforts to restrict members of Congress from trading stocks, saying it would discourage certain people from serving in politics.

“I think it’s ridiculous. They might as well start sending robots up here,” he told The Independent. “I think it would really cut back on the amount of people that would want to come up here and serve.”

To which a voice in the Senate mechanically cried out,

Sorry, cheap joke proving that memory really is the Liberal Superpower. (H/T Driftglass and Bluegal)

Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Tommy Tuberville might have other reasons for not wanting a stock-trading ban:

“[Sen. Tommy Tuberville] bought and sold more than $1 million worth of securities during his first five months in the Senate, buying and selling stock in some companies with business before his committees.”

The dummy doth protest too much, methinks. He made me go look it up.

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8 Responses to Tuberville: ‘I’m The Best Gubmint Money Can Buy’

  1. it would discourage certain people from serving in politics.

    Yes the people who would love to use their office for personal enrichment at the public’s expense!

    They might as well start sending robots up here

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  2. w3ski4me says:

    It’s like Boss Hog days still. “I make money here, don’t you ignorant constituents get in the way of that”. I would have thought some jail time was needed in a few cases, but at least cut those fat cats off at the trough.

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  3. purplehead says:

    Nancy Pelosi Is no slouch in the stock game….

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    • Who controls her investments? (does she manage them directly ot is it managed as a blind trust?)

      How are they structured? (ie are these direct investments in specific stocks or as an aggregate, like in a stock index funds?)

      Banning Congress members from any investments is counterproductive, stupid and frankly impossible, because that means retirement accounts like 401K’s. (and potentially, family member’s retirement accounts as well)

      The object of the law is to stop the open and blatant insider trading we’ve all witnessed.

      If you’re rich enough to be a congresscritter (over half are millionaires, and make enough to make the median income over 1 million) you’re rich enough to have a non-family (ie: true ‘blind trust’) trustee manage your (and your family’s) investments while you’re in office.

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      • purplehead says:

        It would be helpful if she addressed those questions, given her primacy in gummint and her wealth. I doubt she herself manages that stuff. She wouldn’t have time to do that, for one thing. Looks like she’s heavy in “tech.”

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      • I would expect “heavy in tech” investing be mandatory for representatives from [checks notes] the tech capitol of the US 🙂 Support the hometown businesses is kinda retail politics no matter what level you’re at.

        But the key is to be entirely separated from management of the portfolio to avoid the appearance of a conflict, or actual conflict like all those republicans who raced to tell their brokers and family members after that first secret COVID briefing in 2020.

        It is not difficult to avoid the appearance or reality of insider trading even if you’re a titan of industry; it shouldn’t be that difficult for our elected representatives.

        Hell, I’m a lowly IT monkey at work and I have to provide annual reports of any sort of direct stock or financial interests in any of the companies we deal with.

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  4. MDavis says:

    it would discourage certain people from serving in politics.

    This is literally meant to be a feature. It didn’t even start life as a bug and then graduate.
    C’mon Mr potato-brain, er, Senator! You’re not fooling everyone!

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  5. Buttermilk Sky says:

    You know Tupperware was the highest-paid employee at Auburn — sportsball coaches always are. So he had a lot of extra cash to invest and decided to get into this here politics. How hard could it be?


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