Senator Needs To Get Out More

The operative quote:

“I honestly don’t think the Democratic Party can be a majority party unless we start appealing to Middle America a lot more. I’m talking about the area between the two mountain ranges, the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains. And if we’re able to do that, I think it will provide success.”

The 2022 population of Montana is 1,093,117.

The 2022 population of Los Angeles county, California is 9,934,710.

Senator Tester might be interested to know this, and perhaps visit these strange and foreign parts of the country.

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11 Responses to Senator Needs To Get Out More

  1. osirisopto says:

    Ah, appealing to the non-partisan, persuadable swing voter.

    Tester is living in a fantasy land, or simply wants to go back to the way things were in the good old days when men were men, women had dinner on the table when their husband walked in thedoor, children were quiet and life was easy.

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    • Left unspoken was that he means the “Middle America between the Appalachia and the Rockies” that AREN’T the large, largely Democratic urban areas that actually contain the large majority of Americans in that part of the country.

      Or “Americans” as they think of us. You know , not really Americans, not like the great salt-of the earth welfare kings and queens of rural midwestern America.

      The descendents of those “simple farmers, the common clay of the New West”

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      • tengrain says:

        I’m so tired of being told that I am a coastal elite and not a real American, and that I should visit real America to learn about their quaint ways and vanishing lifestyles in diners as if we all work for the NYTimes.

        Meanwhile, the so-called Real Americans make no effort to learn about the rest of us, and are staying put in Possum Hollar demanding everyone cater to them.



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      • These “Real Americans” don’t want to learn about us. We are the enemy.


      • MDavis says:

        Just saw a comment elsewhere – The MAGA people are afraid of losing their privilege.
        It’s so much simpler than applying different filters to it.
        So here’s my latest theory.
        GQP interfering with minority votes? They could be racist – but race is just a factor in voter restrictions. Minority voters are more likely to vote their interests and NOT for MAGA white privilege. Stop them from voting, keep your privilege, they think. Great idea, they think, lets get the Klan involved – they’ll help stop these guys voting, and they won’t even have to get payback – they’ll do it for you for fun.
        Women more likely to vote how you don’t want? Hey, these Xtian anti-reproductive-rights group, they’ll help you push them skirts around. They’ll do it for the treasure they’re piling up in heaven. Throw in those who just like pushing women around, hey, they’ll help you keep your privilege for fun.
        What do you think? Does it hold water?


  2. Martin Pollard says:

    Basically, he wants Democrats to appeal to land. Land doesn’t vote.

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  3. Green Eagle says:

    I’ve seen Tester on Lawrence O’Donell’s show a number of times, and have seen him come up with some very astute political comments, but sorry, I always thought he was in danger of becoming the next Joe Manchin.

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  4. MDavis says:

    If he’s suggesting a fifty-state strategy, I’m for it.
    You know, where land doesn’t vote but the people in that land vote for the school board, and mayors, and city councils and also county officials, and also state legislators. So you do invest some resources in at least checking to see if there is hope of flipping a state seat or two.
    If he’s suggesting giving equal weight to each and every county – nah. Some counties are a lost cause, not to be totally ignored, but why invest the majority of your focus and resources in areas that are too seriously entrenched to budge away from Q territory?


    • MDavis says:

      Waittaminit… Tester is getting interviewed on the TV machine again – what gives?
      Oh, Montana – where “Canadian Truckers Block Border Crossing” according to the Chyron. It’s the economy – and commerce – stupid. He’s super relevant right now.


  5. Richard Portman says:

    That guy is a little disgusting. He never grew up past high school debate club. He likes being the big fish . He is gross and stupid. I feel sorry for his children.
    Fuck yeah , i would get a tattoo too. Just to prove that i am not like this bag of maggots.
    Sorry, i said these things.


  6. spotthedog says:

    Nice of him to help keep the “Dems fail” narrative going strong, I’m sure the GQP is appreciative.


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