GOP Pandemic Polling: Let ’er Rip

(H/T Scissorhead Jimmy-T)

It’s not surprising, really, they are the party of Death after all (Axios email thingie, so all weird formatting is totally theirs):

Only one in 10 Americans thinks COVID will be eradicated by this time next year, Axios managing editor Margaret Talev writes from the latest installment of the Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index.

  • Why it matters: The new poll shows Americans are coming to terms with living with COVID. But it reveals zero consensus on how.

🗳️ Look at these party splits (1,049 polled; margin of error: ±3.3 points):

  • 21% of overall respondents (43% of Republicans but just 3% of Democrats) said “open up and get back to life as usual with no coronavirus mandates or requirements.”
  • 23% overall (14% of Republicans and 34% of Democrats) said “mostly keep coronavirus precautions and requirements.”
  • 51% of respondents support businesses requiring proof of vaccination to enter — 25% of Republicans, but 72% of Democrats.

Nothing new to see here, but consistently sociopath Republicans show that they have no concerns for their fellow citizens.

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2 Responses to GOP Pandemic Polling: Let ’er Rip

  1. Ever since I was in my 20s (40 years ago, now) I’ve been hearing about how Social Security was going to run out of money & Medicare was going to run out of money & what were “we” going to do about this (mostly from GOP but also from the Dems) & it’s occurred to me that letting all these people die from a preventable disease is taking care of this problem … there’s not going to be an issue about paying out all this SS & Medicare because these people are DEAD. So yeah, the party of Death? I have no arguments with that assessment.

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  2. The new poll shows Americans are coming to terms with living with COVID. But it reveals zero consensus on how.

    No it shows that about a fifth of us are coming to terms with ‘dying from COVID’, a LOT of us.

    2600 people a day are dying of COVID. That’s just about one 9/11 per day. We embarked on two wars, one lasting 20 years and lit on fire spent trillions of dollars over that one day.

    Now it’s “I’m tarred of this CO-Vid thing. We’re DONE with it!” by a minority (which includes the majority of state goverments!)

    These people would have been ready to surrender to Germany and Japan in about March of 1942….

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