Bad Chyrons, Cont.

And I thought I hated spiders in the house.

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  1. genelms says:

    Spiders aside, I am more intrigued with the terrible news that they killed a man because he was hit by a car. Seems extreme.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    I hear they make good pets, but be sure to keep them well fed…

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  3. Richard Portman says:

    Oh no! My sweet neighbor will believe this! Bless her heart, she is afraid of spiders. When it comes to covid she is good. She wears a mask and is vaccinated. She is responsible. But when it comes to spiders, she loses her mind. Bats, snakes, and mice are also a problem.


    • E.A. Blair says:

      I had a sister who was terrified of spiders and other multilegged things. She used to send me upstairs to her room to dispatch her latest bugaboo. I’d go up, stomp on the floor a couple of times and make other noises then go down to report “mission accomplished” when, in fact, i never even looked for the critter.


  4. E.A. Blair says:

    I have a simple rule regarding what I choose to share my living space with: I do not willingly share my space with any creature whose natural number of legs is less than two or more than four.

    I am, however, particularly partial to four-legged critters that purr.


  5. Infidel753 says:

    A man-killing spider that can burn down houses? Sounds like a serious problem.


  6. When I was a kid, I was told that killing spiders bring the rain. It’s a Scots proverb.


  7. bluzdude says:

    What else would you expect from a Fox “News” outlet?


  8. retiredeng says:

    My sister-in-law would kill YOU if she saw you even try to harm a spider. She lives in the sticks and her spiders keep a check on the nasty biting flies that appear in summer.


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