The Laddie Doth Protest Too Much

It’s funny to me that in all of his emotional defense of the indefensible Jeff Zucker, CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter keeps pointing to reporters around the world, but could not/did not point to any in the United States. It’s because he cannot. It’s a burning dumpster. Stelter is one of the very few good resources at CNN, so it’s very telling that he cannot look objectively at his own platform. Zucker changed it into a cult of personality.

Care to comment, Brian?

So when Stelter says that the nay-sayers are not watching CNN, that’s true: we turned off the Powerhouse Panel network long, long ago. CNN lost their way (and their audience) when they became a gossip channel. Thanks, Zucker!


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4 Responses to The Laddie Doth Protest Too Much

  1. This is the blind spot of all these ‘media critics’ They are like fish living and swimming through their home networks so it just becomes ‘the place where they are’ not something different (and criticizable) like all those other networks…

    It’s very difficult to step back and look dispassionately at the daily reality you swim through.

    The entertainmentization of news was the reason Zucker was put in charge.

    Some of the stuff he did was really great (I treasure “Parts Unknown” ) and some of the longer form documentary stuff they’ve done was good, if fluffy, but all that good was utterly overshadowed by the glaring, obvious and just stunning bias towards TFG that CNN displayed. Zucker treated him like he’d done at NBC; it became just “The Apprentice President: White House Edition”

    Pre-empting speeches by Clinton in favor of showing an empty podium waiting for Pre-Potus Pol Potbelly to come out and bellow lies was unprecedented favoritism in American ‘straight’ journalism, which is what CNN claims itself to be.

    (They were not the only ones; Morning Joke on MSNBC was almost as bad, slavishly tongue-bathing PPPP and giving him hours of free air time)

    I expect no one should have missed this from Zucker; after all this is how he made his bones in the industry: promoting an utterly fictional “reality” show, but the fact that the higher-ups put Zucker in charge of the straight news made it painfully obvious that they too look at American politics as a game, no matter the cost to the millions of Americans (and ultimately non-Americans, worldwide as well) who have no choice about the skin they have in that “game”.

    Just more collateral damage in the Ratings Wars.

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  2. And hiring Doughy Pantload [faaaaaarrrrrrt] is just the shit cherry on top of the shit sundae; the one with extra shit sauce on it….

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  3. MJG says:

    I stopped watching after John Stewart called them out on Crossfire.

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  4. My trusty ROKU device has found live Aljazeera for me to enjoy!


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