America’s Dad Picked on a Kid

Fascist Knows Best

Pretty mouth, ain’t it?

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin ran for office as a Reagan-esque, sunny, basketball-loving dad-next-door figure who promised to transcend political divisions, his campaign has attacked a teenage boy:

The back story is not a lot more nuanced:

On Saturday afternoon, Ethan Lynne, 17, retweeted a report from the Richmond public radio station VPM suggesting that Youngkin (R) might be scrapping efforts pursued under two previous governors, Northam and Democrat Terry McAuliffe, to highlight the history of enslaved people at the mansion. The report contained an error, which Lynne noted on Twitter hours later, when VPM issued a correction.

But by then, “Team Youngkin” — the official Twitter account for Youngkin’s campaign — had attacked Lynne, posting a photo of the teen with Northam taken at a Democratic fundraiser in October.

So in essence, a teen re-Tweeted a story from the local radio station and in response the Youngkin campaign apparatus (which oddly is still in situ and apparently monitoring twitter looking to troll dissenters) responded by side-by-side’ing the kid with a previous governor wearing blackface.

And the kid, showing some chops beyond his years, replied to the campaign in a very sophisticated way:

“A governor’s campaign account has attacked a minor — to me that was a new low,” Lynne said in an interview Sunday morning. “And they just now took it down. It was up for over 12 hours. I received no apology, no communication, nothing.”

Gov. Youngkin switched hard right after the election and has adopted all the usual anti-vaxxer positions of the fascist right.

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3 Responses to America’s Dad Picked on a Kid

  1. schmice3 says:

    Organize and fight.

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  2. Gov. Youngkin switched hard right after the election

    He did not “switch”; he dropped the facade he put on to lull the voters.

    he was always a hard right trumpist.

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    • R White says:

      Looking at how easily dumbass white suburban voters fell for the canard of the non-existent critical race theory and Covid vaccine mandates for their well-being, it’s surprising that youngkin made any effort at all to seem bipartisan.

      Just a reminder to the calcified dem leadership that if you are going to fight morally bankrupt republicans in a hotly contested election, get someone who has more charisma than a wall of drying paint…


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