News That Will Drive You to Drink

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“Calling Mike Pence…”

Well this frosted my cookies (emphasis mine):

The House select committee scrutinizing the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol is borrowing techniques from federal prosecutions, employing aggressive tactics typically used against mobsters and terrorists as it seeks to break through stonewalling from former President Donald Trump and his allies and develop evidence that could prompt a criminal case.

In what its members see as the best opportunity to hold Mr. Trump and his team accountable, the committee — which has no authority to pursue criminal charges — is using what powers it has in expansive ways in hopes of pressuring Attorney General Merrick Garland to use the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute them.

I don’t know if that’s the NYTimes being merde-heads (as usual) or if the January 6 Committee has reason to think that AG Garland needs to be pressured. Either way I grimaced reading that.

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3 Responses to News That Will Drive You to Drink

  1. I think the pressure they’re applying to Garland isn’t so much as to prosecute, but start leaking them some juicy bits. I”ve been reminded multiple times, that Garland handled the Oklahoma City Bombing so tightly there was not a single leak. He told us, ‘the easy cases go first’. Th e fact that One Eye Rhodes has been remanded without bail tells me he’s getting to the not so easy cases. Working his way up to Gotti TFG.

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  2. Czippie L'Shimpe says:

    Yes, well, the OK bombing suspects were tucked safely away in prison, so he had the luxury of time for that one. This case is very different – the suspects are using their freedom to undermine democracy, and ensure that they will never be prosecuted in the next regime.


  3. Redhand says:

    What I worry about is Trump running out the clock. It would be nice if Garland had some sense of urgency. That TFG is still out there spewing his lies and trying to destroy our form of Govt. should create a sense of urgency, no?


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