Coup-Coup Bananas

The Stupid Coup, part Infinity

It’s all bananas!

Another day, another revelation of how unhinged The 4th Reich was/is in trying to keep Hair Füror in power:

The memo used the banal language of government bureaucracy, but the proposal it advocated was extreme: President Donald Trump should invoke the extraordinary powers of the National Security Agency and Defense Department to sift through raw electronic communications in an attempt to show that foreign powers had intervened in the 2020 election to help Joe Biden win.

Under that plan, Hair Füror would ask Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller to tap three officials to sift through raw electronic communications in an effort to “find evidence” (haha: make up merde) of foreign interference in the election.

(Remember the nutty conspiracy theory that Italian Satellites and Hugo Chavez’ ghost were changing votes? Yeah, that.)

Anyway, about the 3 dudes to be tapped:

One was a lawyer attached to a military intelligence unit; another was a veteran of the military who had been let go from his National Security Council job after claiming that Trump was under attack by deep-state forces including “globalists” and “Islamists.”

The third was a failed Republican congressional candidate, Michael Del Rosso, who sent a copy of the memo to Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), who confirmed to The Post he received the document from Del Rosso.An aide to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) also said his office received the document but declined to say who sent it.Del Rosso did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Imagine anyone thinking that the thing to do is to send RoJo a plan outlining your Big Evil Plan to comment upon. The mind boggles.

But here’s the cherry on top:

The bottom of the memo included a notation suggesting a desire to keep its contents from becoming public: “Proprietary and privileged — dispose via shreding,” it read, misspelling the last word.

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3 Responses to Coup-Coup Bananas

  1. Kiwiwriter says:

    Doubtless they would have given him the precise — if misspelled — results he wanted.

    I still will never understand why the Bloated Yam simply didn’t drive up to the Capitol on January 6 step out of his SUV, stand on a platform with a bullhorn, and in his role as President, Commander-in-Chief, and orange-haired idiot, declare the protesters to be “Special Deputy Marshals” acting under his command, order the Capitol Police and Washington Police to “stand back and stand down,” and further order the military to assist the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers “in performance of their duties to arrest and detain the traitors from their illegal vote-counting.”

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  2. MDavis says:

    I remember an article describing aides having to collect mundane memos and notes from TFG’s trash can and piece them back together to comply with Federal U.S. presidential records retention rules. I wonder if they ever broke him of tearing up anything he thought could be incriminating or could give his competitors an edge.
    Note – that would be absolutely anything written down in his twisty conniving mind. Anything could be used to incriminate or give an edge. Look at the Big Lie evidence he and his Qult are producing out of very thin air.

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  3. roket says:

    I suppose it would have been Ghina they pulled out of their asshat but it would have been eerie if they chose Israel what with their Jewish space lasers and whatnot. I trust those of the Jewish persuasion are keeping tabs on things like that.

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