Holocaust Remembrance Day: Never Forget

Here in the Peoples Republic of Seattle, the land of the gentle stoned hippies, we’ve had another anti-Semitic assault on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The article above doesn’t say what the graffiti was, but it is in the linked story from the Seattle Times.

About once a year something happens to one of the institutions on this street (also the largest Synagogue in the PNW is located there one block south), and it is a reminder that hate never dies. I know I blame Hair Füror for everything, but I think we can lay this right at his feet.

The only consolation is that whoever creates the monster ultimately is destroyed by the monster, and I am looking forward to the monster turning on Trump. It will happen.

A stark reminder that the “othering” can happen to any group, any time. The Left is being systematically othered  by the Nazis. We are not at the end of a story, we’re at the beginning.


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4 Responses to Holocaust Remembrance Day: Never Forget

  1. MDavis says:

    There will always be something to hang that “other” tag on.

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  2. TheOtherHank says:

    That’s why people like Stephen Miller mystify me. Dude, after they get done with the brown folks, you’re next. How can he not see that?


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