UPDATED: Comrade Hawley Objects

Proud Boy Lite Sen. Josh Hawley (GQP-MO)

Sen. Josh Hawley (R – Putin):

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) is calling on the Biden administration to drop longstanding U.S. support for Ukraine’s eventual membership in NATO, arguing that a binding commitment to defend the country would undermine efforts to counter China…

Driving the news: Ahead of a pair of all-member Ukraine briefings for the House and Senate on Thursday, Hawley is asking for “clarity” from Secretary of State Antony Blinken on how Ukraine’s future membership in NATO would serve U.S. interests, according to a letter obtained by Axios.

I’m old enough to remember when Republicans considered Russia #1 Enemy, but that was before Putin started installing his useful idiots into Congress and the White House in 2016.

UPDATE 1: #PsakiBomb

“If you are digesting Russian misinformation and parroting Russian talking points, you are not aligned with longstanding bipartisan American values, which is to stand up for the sovereignty of countries like Ukraine, but others,” Psaki said at a press briefing.

“Their right to choose their own alliances, and also to stand against, very clearly, the efforts, or attempts or potential attempts by any country to invade and take territory of another country,” she continued. “That applies to Sen. Hawley, but it also applies to others who may be parroting the talking points of Russian propagandist leaders.”

UPDATE 2: Adam Kinzinger does not mince words:

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8 Responses to UPDATED: Comrade Hawley Objects

  1. Redhand says:

    Disgraceful. Yet somehow I am disgusted but not shocked at the same time. Good to know exactly how much he is also in Putin’s pocket.

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  2. roket says:

    Josh speaks as if the US Military doesn’t already have unlimited access to Murka’s credit card.

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  3. laura says:

    He was probably too young and not quite yet kompromated to go with the 8 big boy republican senators who did the big 4th of July trip to Moscow and is making sure he’s invited next time because “Patriot.”


  4. Buttermilk Sky says:

    Politics, moron-style. Biden sides with Ukraine so the Republiclowns kiss up to Russia. If Biden’s initiative finds a cure for cancer, they’ll support cancer.


  5. schmice3 says:

    In the Cuban missile crisis, the Russians backed down publicly and withdrew their missiles. The world cheered Kennedy for taming the Russian Bear. What we conveniently forget to mention, is that the Russians actually got what they really wanted which was to get our missiles out of Turkey. We did it. I think a similar deal is going to be struck here. The Russians will pull back their troops AND Ukraine will not be allowed to become a member of NATO. That will be the unspoken quid pro quo. Unfortunately for him, Putin might share the same fate as Khruschev. He’s had a nice run.

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  6. MDavis says:

    How would the proposed focus on China affect Elaine Chao and her family’s company?


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