Kennedy Speaks, Y’all

Oxford-educated (the real one), ersatz hayseed, Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy put on his Possum Hollar best accent, y’all, to let us know what a simple country boy like hisself is lookin’ fer in a Su-Preem Court Candidate:

“Here’s what I’m looking for in a Supreme Court justice: Number one, I want a nominee who knows a law book from a J.Crew catalog. Number two, I want a nominee who’s not going to try to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to advance a woke agenda. Those are my criteria.”

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16 Responses to Kennedy Speaks, Y’all

  1. Empty words from an empty suit. He voted for Judge Boof, someone who would be challenged to tell the difference between a J.Crew catalogue and a law book.

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  2. genelms says:

    Every time I hear this man speak I get Green Acres flashbacks of Mr. Haney.

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  3. Well rest yo’ mind Mistah Kennedy suh! I cain guar-an-damn-tee that whoever The President (you insolent fuck) nominates wil very well know a fucking law book from a J Crew catalog, because she isn’t going to be a superannuated white trash peckerwood like yourself who still gets J Crew Catalogs in the mail, you fucking fuck.

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  4. Meremark says:

    What I look for in a caging senator:

    1) Speaks English.
    2) Only speaks when spoken to.

    Make like a clam Kennedy and shut up, dig your head in the sand.


  5. buckobear says:

    What he really meant to say was 1) White, 2) Male


  6. laura says:

    It pains me that posts about Senator foghorn leghorn do not automatically include the fact that he’s one of the 8 shite-bags who scuttle off to Moscow for the 4th of July, but that’s a solid fact.
    As a skirt, I’d like to point out that beautiful Friest Lady Michelle Obama proudly wore American Brand J. Crew as her very stylish regular day wear, and Senator Shite-bag thought he’d include her along with any other Black Women of Excellence in the legal community.


    • revzafod says:

      Now there’s an idea. “…Obama is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School. In her early legal career, she worked at the law firm Sidley Austin…”. “In 2020, Obama topped Gallup’s poll of the most admired woman in America for the third year running.” – Wikipedia

      Hey, Joe; where you goin’ with that nomination in your hand…

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    • tengrain says:

      Laura –

      I would love, Love, LOVE it if Joe nominated Michelle!

      But after 8 years of the sexist/misogynistic/racist BS she endured as First Lady, she probably doesn’t want the job.

      But it would be cool if she did.




      • laura says:

        Absolutely NO. Not because she isnt a well qualified candidate. Because that particular Woman has given her all to this Country and it would be unfair to ask her to give even more. I hope she and her handsome husband, their children and both their families live their best lives pursuing whatever they want to do. She’s paid in full.

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      • tengrain says:


        She owes us nothing, we owe her everything.




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