Data Mining Achieves New Low

Phone banking works.

This is gross:

Suicide hotline shares data with for-profit spinoff, raising ethical questions

The only thing that amazed me is that Facebook is only mentioned three times and is not (apparently?) the perp.

Zuckerberg is slipping.

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4 Responses to Data Mining Achieves New Low

  1. “Raising ethical questions” that are answered by looking at the “What the everloving holy fuck did they do?????” part of the question.

    Also, too, This is potentially a gargantuan HIPAA violation; one that is NOT mitigable by claims it was inadvertent or happened despite standing reasonable precautions. The alleged anonymization might just let them skate, but you just fucking know the techbros running the AI company probably have the original laying around on their Amazon S3 data storage.

    ( inadvertent or happened despite standing reasonable precautions words that EVERY SINGLE IT PERSON who has ever had to deal with HIPAA has engraved on their brain, as it is the difference between small fines and intrusive HHS examination of your companies security and standard practices and procedures,

    and the multimillion dollar fines; disqualification from working with Medicare/Medicaid and substantial jail time for a wide range of people in responsible positions in the company.

    Like the aforesaid IT people…)

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  2. After reading this paragraph

    “We know that if you text the words ‘numbs’ and ‘sleeve,’ there’s a 99 percent match for cutting,” the nonprofit’s co-founder and former CEO, Nancy Lublin, said in a 2015 TED talk. “We know that if you text in the words ‘mg’ and ‘rubber band,’ there’s a 99 percent match for substance abuse. And we know that if you text in ‘sex,’ ‘oral’ and ‘Mormon,’ you’re questioning if you’re gay.”

    I felt really sorry for the people who had to look at my file. I bet the confusion my search history file has created is responsible for the mental illness of many humans reading it. My file may have caused a few wars and caused book bans across the country. Jordan Peterson is using it for more confusing word salad to use in his next book and internet broadcast interview. Oh the humanity, would some please erase the file before the doomsday clock hits midnight after reading it. 😲🤪😱😝😜😛

    In all seriousness, some data shouldn’t be used for profit. It should be correlated and turned over to medical professionals so they can figure out better ways to get help to people who need it and for devising better treatments. The god of profit has a lot of death on its hands and will continue to until humans care more for each other than they do for the money generated from others sorrow.

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