Useful Idiot Usefully Denies Being Useful or Idiot

Exhibit A: Useful Idiot

Just sayin’

Hat tip: Scissorhead MDavis

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8 Responses to Useful Idiot Usefully Denies Being Useful or Idiot

  1. Oneofthebobs says:

    Putin probably likes Tucker just as much as I do. Unlike Vlad, I invite Tuckems to move to Russia.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    Boy, I’m glad he said that nice and loud so everyone could hear.

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  3. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy y’all!

    Imagine Putin and Trump having this discussion at some summit meeting somewhere:
    Putin: In Russia, we have joke.
    Trump: I don’t really get jokes because nothing other than being the best matters.
    Putin: What do we call useful idiot when no longer useful?
    Trump: I don’t know.
    Putin: Idiot.
    Trump: I don’t get it.

    The funniest and most successful meme I’ve ever created.

    MEME: Useful Idiot


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  4. revzafod says:

    Idiot, si. Useful, no.

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  5. roket says:

    Sometimes pawns don’t know they’re agents.

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  6. Steve-O says:

    “Of course I’m not a Russian agent” is just what a Russian agent would say.


  7. Roy says:

    Does Tucker have direct deposit for his payments from Putin, or does it go through the Fox payroll?


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