Gov. Pat McCrory: ‘White Like Me’

“It was just like that.” —Pat McCrory

Gov. Bathroom Bills should know his own state’s history better:

(CNN)Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said last year that not receiving an offer to teach at Duke University upon leaving the governorship was “blacklisting” and comparable to the refusal to serve Black Americans at lunch counters in the 1960s during segregation…

…”The head of the policy school called me up and said, ‘Governor, we’ve got some problems. We’ve got some alumni and big donors that don’t want you to come back to Duke to be a part of this public policy school,'” said McCrory in January 2021, referring to a job at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy.

“You know what I said to him, I said, ‘If I come back to the, if I come back to the campus, will you serve me at the lunch counter?’ And I meant it.”

That’s as offensive as anything this waste of oxygen has ever said.

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11 Responses to Gov. Pat McCrory: ‘White Like Me’

  1. Pat McCrory is too much a racist bigot to understand how offensive his statement is. Thing that gets me these snowflakes want to exclude and deny others but if something is not just given to them even if they don’t deserve it they go all hysterical victim about it. They do understand the meaning of the words they use, right?

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  2. ming says:

    Help I’m being repressed!

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  3. ming says:

    Halp, I’m being repressed!

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  4. roket says:

    He looking for some affirmative action, isn’t he?

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  5. Wesley Sandel says:

    “Just because I believe that black people are inferior to white people doesn’t mean that I’m degenerate, racist white trash.”

    Yes, it does.

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  6. Maybe he should consider Nikole Hanna-Jones (1619 Project) how she felt when UNC denied her tenure for her prestigious Chaired Professorship because ‘rich donors didn’t like her’ and the Board of Regents overrode the University Administration. Tenure that had been routinely granted to every previous holder of the professorship

    Oh wait, you could ask HER! She told them to fuck right off and went where she was welcomed.

    Maybe, Paddy me boy, just maybe you could summon up the gumption a ‘mere’ Black, female Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist did, and go somewhere they do want you, instead of whinging like a little WATB.

    I’m sure some seventh-tier Baptist school somewhere has a Klan Bathroom Studies program you would fit into just fine!

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