There Will Always Be A Brittain

Guys, the most inspirational story of the morning comes to us from the BBC:

Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from Cambridge Travelodge

A robot vacuum cleaner made a break for freedom after giving staff the slip at a Travelodge hotel.

The automated cleaner failed to stop at the front door of the hotel in Orchard Park in Cambridge on Thursday, and was still on the loose the following day.

Staff said it just kept going and “could be anywhere” while well-wishers on social media hoped the vacuum enjoyed its travels, as “it has no natural predators” in the wild.

And it goes on from there. I won’t give you any spoilers. I sincerely hope that someone at Pixar is already storyboarding this.

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9 Responses to There Will Always Be A Brittain

  1. artahzen says:

    Did he take the lamp stand with him?

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  2. spotthedog says:

    Not fair; they get a cute little robot vac slipping through an open door, we get crash-surviving lab monkeys on the rampage in Pennsylvania!

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  3. Virg says:

    Shades of Brave Little Toaster!

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  4. Oneofthebobs says:

    Just follow the clean.

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  5. Oh, he’ll make some friends along the way, they’ll sing some songs, what a lovely story for the kiddies.

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  6. Another Kiwi says:

    They’ll need an army of them to clean up after Johnson et al slope off into the sunset.


  7. NorKid says:

    While some readers joked about the robot’s adventures, one feared for its safety in the great outdoors, pointing out that “nature abhors a vacuum”.

    Thank you Britain, made my day.


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