Martin Luther King Day 2022

Martin Luther King and son find a burned cross on their lawn.

This picture might be from long ago, but it still has impact.

One day each year, conservatives line up and duly (dully?) recite one line from Martin Luther King as if it was the only thing he said. Don’t be fooled by their false piety seeking ablution of their racism. Conservatives today are not much different from conservatives then.

From Politico’s email thingie:

“Everyone believes or says they believe in the words and values of Dad, but they try to extract various portions to make it fit their narrative,” MLK III told me on Sunday. “I have to constantly challenge people and say, ‘No, that’s not what dad meant; this is what Dad meant.’ I have to push back because every politician, every elected official is going to be out making statements about how ‘I loved Dr. King,’ ‘I support Dr. King,’ and then … they’re voting against voting rights.”

Last night:

Judd Legum has run with that idea:

Join us, won’t you?

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5 Responses to Martin Luther King Day 2022

  1. Jimmy T says:

    “Where do you stand?” Biden’s speech about Dr King’s legacy…

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  2. roket says:

    Pretending not to be racist one single day out of the year speaks volumes about their racism for the rest of the year.

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  3. ali redford says:

    In my Inbox this morning was a missive from my KS US Senator, Dr. Roger Marshall, letting me know that they received my letter regarding election laws and it is on its way to the relevant staff.

    I will rip him if he includes anything MLK or today’s observance in his “Doctor’s Note”. Skeevy guy, anyway.

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  4. paul fredine says:

    this video clip starts with a quote you’ll never hear a right-winger use to prove they honor his legacy:


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