Separated at Birth?

Hat tip: @RiotGrlErin via Scissorhead Purplehead (there’s more there)

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9 Responses to Separated at Birth?

  1. purplehead says:

    And OMG, the rest of the separated-at-birth twitter series is just hilarious. RiotGrlErin must have had a blast putting that together.

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  2. That was spot on, especially the aluminium foil dress and john. A match made in Dc.

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  3. This leaves me constipated 💩

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  4. osirisopto says:

    She can’t help it if she’s a worthless piece of shit.

    Some people are just born that way, for others, it’s an aspiration. Rand Paul is a perfect example he works at being lower than pond scum, and he works hard at it. For him it’s nurture.

    For Sinema it’s just her nature.

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  5. ming says:

    Or, who wore it better?

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  6. spotthedog says:

    Of the 3 things pictured, 2 of them actually serve the public effectively and beneficially.

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  7. CalicoJack says:

    Are they really separated? I’m thinking more like it is her superpower.

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  9. IbnBob says:

    She’s always inspired the thought of your high school classmate’s mother who was aiming for MILFhood, without actually intending it.


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