Buy Some Stamps, Wisconsin!

you’re gonna need them to vote.

A Wisconsin judge ruled Thursday that drop boxes for absentee ballots cannot be used in the state, a move that comes amid a push by Republicans across the country to restrict their use and a stymied attempt by congressional Democrats to require states to allow them.
Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael Bohren sided with a conservative organization that argued that while the state Elections Commission had issued detailed guidance on the use of drop boxes, their use is not specifically authorized by state law.
“It’s all good and nice, but there’s no authority to do it,” Bohren said from the bench, according to local media accounts.

“¡GASP!,” Bohren exclaimed, “what if citizens actually… voted?!”

Related: Scissorhead M Davis sends us a tweet that tells us what is in the voting legislation that the Republicans don’t want:

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