Anti-Vaxxers Have New Protocol Possibility

Anti-Vaxxer At Work

As your medical advisor, I suggest you stuff your face full of gummies as you read this:

A chemical found in live cannabis plants could help protect human cells against coronavirus infections, research suggests.

A study by scientists at Oregon State University (OSU) and Oregon Health and Science University found that two acids present in hemp, a type of cannabis plant used widely in cloth, paper and as a drug, were able to jam the gears of the virus that causes Covid-19.

The researchers said the two compounds can bind onto the SARS-Cov-2 virus’ spike protein, which it uses to invade and commandeer human cells and which gives the coronavirus family its name.

All the more reason to follow Quebec’s lead and pass a vaccine passport law that requires you to be vaccinated before you can enter a legal cannabis retailer. Of course, that guy in the park is open for bidness. But that might put a dent into those my body is my temple anti-vaxxers.

We are now faced with the prospect of stoned pee-drinkers having munchies. Pass the Horse Paste, please!

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7 Responses to Anti-Vaxxers Have New Protocol Possibility

  1. Mrs BDR excitedly passed this along yesterday, but alas, it’s an ‘in the petri dish’ kind of study, and as Randall Munroe so helpfully reminds us:

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    If I was only back in my hippie daze when Covid was a thing cause I smoked massive amounts of pot on a daily basis, but still this is good news. If we can get the right wing crazies to smoke pot, then maybe they’ll get lost in the haze, and maybe they will see the light (yes, I saw a lot of light back in the day, some flashing, “Hello officer”). It’s worth a try. Maybe we can change the world after all…

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  3. roket says:

    This is good news for our local dispensary. My little burg is on the border with KY. On any given day their parking lot is full of KY & TN license plates. I suspect we will now also start seeing GA, AL, MS & LA in the mix.

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    • I’m kinda surprised, back when Colorado first legalized pot the whackaloons in our lege demanded that the staties set up drug check stations on the major roads from there to catch all the pot scofflaws flooding into AZ high on the Demon Weed ready to murder and rape our young white virgins (in that order, of course!) .

      Of course it’s legal here now, too, so that’s toned down a lot, but alas not enough of the GQP whackaloons are taking advantage of it; it would be very nice to mellow those folks out.

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  4. Oneofthebobs says:

    Even if it doesn’t work, the side effects are much more pleasant than fish tank cleaner.


  5. ming says:

    Coffee, check
    Red wine, check
    chocolate, check
    cannabis, check
    I’m looking forward to bourbon being added to the list.


  6. Well, of all the potheads I know, I am the ONLY one who hasn’t gotten COVID. But I am the only one who lives alone, doesn’t go out drinking, is no longer working outside of the house, & doesn’t have children or grandchildren coming to the house. I also wear a mask EVERYWHERE, even if/when it wasn’t mandated.

    But I do have to laugh. My straight-as-an-arrow sister & her entire family got COVID a year ago. Maybe she wouldn’t have if she had been a pothead like me LOL

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