More Legal Trouble for Grand Wizard Hair Füror

The New Yorker, racist Trump blows

Judge Amit Mehta held a 5-hour hearing  for a civil lawsuit that seek damages from Hair Füror —and other Republicans—due to his (in)actions on January 6 during the Stupid Coup:

During a court hearing Monday, Judge Amit Mehta pointed out repeatedly that Trump on January 6 asked the crowd to march to the Capitol, but that he didn’t speak up for two hours asking people to stop the violence. “The words are hard to walk back,” Mehta said. “You have an almost two-hour window where the president does not say, ‘Stop, get out of the Capitol. This is not what I wanted you to do.’”

“What do I do about the fact the president didn’t denounce the conduct immediately…and sent a tweet that arguably exacerbated things?” the judge asked. “Isn’t that, from a plausibility standpoint, that the president plausibly agreed with the conduct of the people inside the Capitol that day?”

The major hearing on Monday is part of a trio of insurrection-related lawsuits seeking to hold Trump and other Republican figures like Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama accountable at a time when the House select committee probing January 6 has aggressively investigated the political leaders who inspired the attack, and as the Justice Department is prosecuting more than 700 rioters for criminal offenses

Hair Füror is “directly responsible for harms inflicted on that day and/or that he knowingly and deliberately failed to take action in response to the rioting” and so is in violation of Section 6 of the Ku Klux Klan Act that punishes politicians and law enforcement officials who (deliberately, approvingly?) look the other way while the KKK does its bidness. So  damned if he did/didn’t do it deliberately.

Oh, the article indicates that there are 9 lawsuits along this line:

Six additional lawsuits against Trump and others for their roles in the insurrection are also in front of the same court, but haven’t reached the point of being argued yet.
In the three cases before Mehta on Monday, the defendants include Trump, Brooks, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and right-wing groups the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. In court, they are distancing themselves from the actions of the crowd on January 6, and asking Mehta to dismiss the cases. According to Trump’s arguments, allowing the lawsuits to go forward would “drastically” chill political speech and prompt dozens of lawsuits aimed at damaging electoral opponents.

If Mehta allows the suit to move forward, discovery is going to be lit.

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6 Responses to More Legal Trouble for Grand Wizard Hair Füror

  1. MDavis says:

    Some people are tired of waiting for DOJ, allegedly.

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  2. Well the Oath Keepers are gonna have a wee bit of trouble doing that ‘distancing from the crowd’ bit, unless by ‘distancing’ they meant ‘we charged up ahead to be first in line!’

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  3. roket says:

    Sniff. Is that ‘Class Action Lawsuits’ I smell? Sign me up.

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