RoJo Runs!

“And my fifth point…”

The Louis Gohmert of Rep. 3-Names of the Senate, Ron Johnson is running for re-election, he writes in Rupert Murdoch’s W$J (paywall, so no link) and justifies breaking his resolution to not run again, thusly:

I decided to run for the U.S. Senate in 2010 because growing entitlements and out-of-control federal spending had exploded our national debt to $14 trillion. Fortunately, Americans elected Republicans to the House to halt President Obama’s extreme policies. A Republican majority in the Senate followed in 2014.

“So I voted for a Tax Break for Billionaires that added $17T Ameros to the deficit,” he didn’t add.

As I ran for re-election in 2016, we had the prospect of electing a Republican president who could work with a Republican Congress not only to stop the expansion of liberal policies but, we hoped, to reverse some of the damage done during Mr. Obama’s administration.

“Like nearly full employment,” RoJo sneered, “and a complete recovery from the Great Recessions. Oops, did I say that out loud?”

By and large, Republican policies worked…

[Announcer: No they did not.]

During the 2016 campaign, I said it would be my last campaign and final term. That was my strong preference, and my wife’s — we both looked forward to a normal private life. Neither of us anticipated the Democrats’ complete takeover of government and the disastrous policies they would inflict.

“Like pulling 3M children out of poverty, full employment, a rise in workers wages…, oops I said it out loud again didn’t I?”

Nor did we anticipate the pandemic, the government’s failed response to it, the loss of freedom that has resulted, and the tyrannical approach taken by the elites who have created and maintained a state of fear that allows them to exercise control over Americans’ lives.

“That’s our job, dammit!”

Anyway, our pals over at Electoral-Vote tell us this is good news for John McCain!

When Johnson first ran for the Senate, he said he would serve at most two terms and then retire. But the power of power is apparently enormous. He couldn’t give it up, so he is going to try to hang on for another 6 years. The subhead of the op-ed is “I’d like to retire, but I think the country is in too much peril.” That is the standard explanation given in this circumstance: “I don’t want to run again, and I’m certainly not doing it for myself, it’s just that the country needs me so very much right now.” What a public-spirited fellow!

Charlie Cook rates Wisconsin as a tossup (along with Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania). It’s possible that he revisits that, now that Johnson’s plans are known. The Senator is not a good fit for a swing state like Wisconsin. He got 51.9% of the vote in 2010 and 50.2% in 2016, not really overwhelming. He started out as a tea partier and seamlessly transitioned into one of Trump’s biggest supporters. Democratic strategist and writer Ed Kilgore described Johnson thusly in a long piece in New York magazine: “He’s sort of a cross between a local chamber of commerce president whose views of government and fiscal policy were formed in the 1950s, and a right-wing talk show host in a very small market.” Johnson has described climate change as “bulls**t” and has supported the use of Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 remedies. Wisconsin is full of sensible Midwesterners and this kind of talk might presage the end of Johnson’s lucky 2-0 streak.

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5 Responses to RoJo Runs!

  1. roket says:

    RoJo must not be aware of the enormous treasure trove of video clips of him talking out his ass that is available to his opposition. Proof that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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  2. I honestly wonder why he wears clothes, since he must view those as an offense against god; because, after all god gave him skin, what would humans mock Him by covering it in cloth?

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  3. “growing entitlements” = “I reviewed my status, and loss of my entitlement would make me sad. Therefore, my statement about not running again is no longer operative. Donals Trump said it was OK”

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  4. Am I the only one thinking he’s thinking he needs a solid launchpad to start a ridiculous. hilarious, run for President/

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  5. paul fredine says:

    or, as he told maria baritomo on fox, he’s running because truth is being censored in america and he’s one of ‘the truth tellers’ america needs. yeah, i’d still be laughing if it wasn’t such a blatant lie in itself.


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