The Feast of Saint Ronnie Continues

Since at least The Feast of Saint Ronnie, the US in general and Republicans in particular frame government spending as illegitimate giveaways, often to the undeserving who continue to disappoint them by the lack of their bootstraps up-pulling.

Poverty is seen as a lack of character rather than dumb luck, while wealth (often inherited) is somehow earned. It’s one of those Fantasyland portrayals we like to tell ourselves about our exceptionalism rather than the hard truth of our ingrained class structure, I guess.

I mention this because we are told the economy in general is booming, but when you get to the scrappy individual, it is not good times. Our wealth gap is wider than it has ever been, billionaires continue to pay no taxes (and build island fortresses and escape rockets for the inevitable Horror to come) and what few crumbs that they don’t hoover-up remain for the great unwashed to argue over.

And this brings us to the trash panda of the Senate who is again blocking the Build Back Better plan.

Senator Joe Manchin —a man who lives on a yacht when in town and drives a Maserati— reportedly told friends (Fact Check: he has no friends) when he blocked the BBB last month, that he did not want to extend the child tax credit payments because he worried that parents would spend the money on drugs.

That child tax credit payment kept 3 million children out of poverty. That’s a lot of kids, and that is a lot of collective good.

One might even say that those child tax credit payments were a triumph for the individuals and for society itself. Maybe those kids didn’t pull themselves up by the ol’ bootstraps, but we all pulled them up, together. Americans did a good thing there, and the economy didn’t crash, we note. Remember: it’s booming.

Manchin unilaterally decided that real benefits for individuals are less important than his fears that someone, somewhere, might get money they don’t deserve. And thus, the feast of Saint Ronnie continues.


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10 Responses to The Feast of Saint Ronnie Continues

  1. Zorba says:

    Coal Baron Manchin and his former Drug Baroness daughter are corrupt as hell.

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  2. Reblogged this on Scottie's Playtime and commented:

    I have noticed that when the question of who should benefit the most these upstanding servants of the people in elected office put themselves and theirs at the top while being sure that no one else is as deserving as they are. In their minds no one has earned the rights and largess of the country more than they have, so to them go the spoils and to others goes the labor needed to produce the spoils. Scottie

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  3. roket says:

    Manchin is a DINO. There. I said it.

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  5. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Hey, I can play this game too! I am against tax breaks for billionaires because I’m worried that billionaires will spend it on drugs. There, that was easy. So can we tax the billionaires now?

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  6. The billionaire, tax-break loving Sackler family had no problem making sure a big chunk of America stayed hooked on opioids

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  7. Saw an editorial cartoon a few days ago about this, two panels 1) Manchin worried parents would use the tax credit to buy drugs. 2) Two parents looking at a check “Wonderful, now we can get an Epi-pen for Bobby!” (from memory, so details may vary)

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