SCOTUS: You Will Keep Working For Your Betters Until You Keel Over Dead From The Trump-Virus

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration wants to require employers with 100 or more employees to have their staff either fully vaccinated or submit to regular testing and wear a face mask at work, allowing for religious and medical objections. (And I still want to know what religion objects to public health, but I digress.) Our politicized and useless Supreme Court looks ready to strike down that proposed rule FOR REASONS!!1!

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority on Friday appeared ready to reject one of President Joe Biden’s most aggressive attempts so far to combat the spread of Covid-19 — a vaccine or testing requirement aimed at large businesses.

The court heard arguments for almost four hours as the number of infections is soaring, and 40 million adults in the US are still declining to get vaccinated.

Yup, heading into three years(!) of a pandemic that has killed nearly 1M Americans, the Conservative Majority seems eager to continue the carnage.

Why, you ask?

Conservative Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett, suggested that the Biden administration’s rule, issued under an agency’s emergency powers, was too broad… Two of former President Donald Trump’s nominees, Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, questioned whether a federal agency could issue a regulation with such vast economic and political significance without the clear authorization of Congress. Chief Justice John Roberts seemed to agree on that point by wondering if the government had responded on an “agency by agency” basis, in order to get around the fact that Congress and some states had failed to act.

“Congress” is a subtle ‘both sides’ – as those kinds of regulations are blocked by Republicans, and “some states” is carrying a lot of Red, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Accommodating  people don’t want to get sick and die because their co-workers are selfish eff’ing idiots doesn’t seem like a big lift to me, but anti-science, big badness bastards disagree:

The lawyer, Scott A. Keller, stressed that the OSHA requirement would impose substantial compliance costs on businesses that will be faced with incurring the cost of testing for millions of employees who refuse to vaccinate.… Keller told the justices that the rule “would cause permanent worker displacement rippling through our national economy, which is already experiencing labor shortages and fragile supply lines.”

As opposed to workers not showing up for their shift because, well,  they are dead from the Trump-Virus. That seems disruptive, too, Scott. Arguing that employers have the right to kill workers in the name of profits and efficiency seems like a reach.

“I would find it unbelievable that it could be in the public interest to suddenly stop these vaccinations,” [Justice Bryer] said.

and in related news: According to a new USA Today poll

WASHINGTON – An overwhelming majority of Americans believe the U.S. is in the grips of a full-blown mental health crisis,according to a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll.

Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought a rise in depression, anxiety, stress, addiction and other challenges, almost nine in ten registered voters believe there’s a “mental health crisis” in the nation, the poll found.


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11 Responses to SCOTUS: You Will Keep Working For Your Betters Until You Keel Over Dead From The Trump-Virus

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Compliance costs? Here’s how it went down at my workplace…

    HR: All employees must show proof of vaccination or be suspended without pay.

    Me: Can I email you a cell phone photo of my vaccination record?

    HR: Sure!

    Some cost, eh?

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    • After months of fearmongering, hysterical n00z takes of “hundreds of violent prisoners released into the community because all the corrections officers got fired because they wouldn’t get the vaxx” and wailings from the Pigs Union about “mufreedumzzz!!!”, the Pima County Sheriff announced on (iirc) Monday that a grand total of TWO PCSD deputys were being fired for failing to comply with the order.

      This after similar fearmongering over the Tucson city mandate resulted in a dozen or so city employees would be fired, plus another 20 short term contractors. out of a couple thousand employees.

      Funny how when the choice finally comes down to “You get a free vaxxination that may make you feel like crap for a few hours and, oh yeah, will save your life if you get the ‘Rona or your paycheck”…the paycheck wins everywhere we’ve seen it happen.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    On the brighter side (ok, the not very bright side)…

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  3. Infidel753 says:

    The wingnuts are disease-spreading vermin, the rats and fleas of the pandemic.

    I suppose that’s a slightly unfair comparison. Actual rats and fleas aren’t consciously aware that they’re spreading germs, so they’re not morally culpable.

    the U.S. is in the grips of a full-blown mental health crisis

    Well, I certainly am. It would be amazing if the country weren’t.

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    • Jimmy T says:

      “Actual rats and fleas aren’t consciously aware that they’re spreading germs, so they’re not morally culpable.” The Republicans I’ve had the misfortune of knowing over the years were never concerned about the health and welfare of anyone outside themselves or their immediate family, so the rats and fleas have found others who aren’t consciously aware beyond their own selfish interests…

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    • MDavis says:

      At first I thought the “full-blown mental health crisis” referred to people having super-spreader events to protest being asked to take anti-plague precautions.


  4. jaf48 says:

    Can we drop the misnomer of “conservative” when referring to the corporate stooges who sit on the travesty commonly known as SCOTUS? There is nothing resembling a coherent philosophy there. It is simply a cabal of dimwitted hacks valued for their unquestioning obedience.

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  5. annieasksyou says:

    I listened to some of the question/comments from the Supreme Partisans, and it was terrifying. There will be no regulation they let stand for the common good, it seems. None.

    By the way, the US Solicitor General, a young woman named Elizabeth Prelogar, is phenomenal. She’s brilliant and so knowledgeable and manages to maintain her civility—remarkable, but especially so in the midst of the onslaught of ignorance that requires her responses.

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  6. Spocko says:

    If the Supreme Court doesn’t support mandates political analysts will say this is a “loss for Biden.”
    Who is it a win for? Republicans? Death?

    I want a public health expert to calculate loss of life without mandates vs with.
    Then show the pile of bodies under the people who blocked it. Like in World War Z.

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  7. MDavis says:

    There is a claim that Gorsuch said the flu kills “hundreds, … thousands” each year. Aaron Rupar has the points laid out nicely in three tweets.
    First –

    Second, the official transcript (look for the highlight) –

    Third, Rupar points out that Gorsuch’s point is, to be brief, stupid.


  8. MDavis says:

    By the way – has anyone brought up the Triangle Shirtwaist fire yet?



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