More Popcorn: The Stupid Coup Hearings Might Be Broadcast

Guys, the revolution will not be televised, but the hearings might be, according to the Axios morning email thingie (weird bullets and emphasis theirs, I swear):

The House’s January 6th Committee is considering rare prime-time hearings to help build a maximum audience for testimony about what happened during the Capitol riot, one year ago tomorrow.

  • Why it matters: The committee sees its eyewitnesses as building a “case” to combat doubts raised by former President Trump and his Republican allies.

A committee aide told me: “Members are still discussing potential formats and timing for the committee’s hearings.”

  • “The Select Committee views upcoming hearings as one of its most important opportunities to lay out facts and provide answers to the American people about the January 6th attack and its causes,” the aide added.
  • “[W]e want to tell a story … reaching as many people as we can. The Select Committee’s business meetings so far have been held in the evening, and that’s certainly an option … for future hearings.”

Boffo ratings ensue. As much as our Failed Political Press ™ is in the bag for Hair Füror, they would like to keep being gainfully employed.

HOT TAKE: (see what I did there, Axios?) My bet is that this will get actual live coverage on some cable channels  and broadcast networks, while Fox News will have in-depth coverage of Violent Panda Sex again. You heard it here first, folks!

Der Tiger Beat auf dem Potomac (thanks Charlie and Watertiger!) email thingie is shocked Shocked I say!, that Republicans want nothing to do with it!

THE LEAD-UP TO ONE YEAR — Republicans don’t want to talk about Jan. 6. Period. End of story.

On a private call Tuesday, House GOP leaders encouraged their members to stick to attacking President JOE BIDEN —or, at most, talk about ongoing security concerns at the Capitol. Republican senators, meanwhile,dodged questions about the Thursday anniversary. Most of them are relieved they have an excuse to be out of town: attending former Sen. JOHNNY ISAKSON’s funeral in Atlanta.

Indeed, it’s becoming increasingly clear that — with the exception of Rep. LIZ CHENEY (R-Wyo.) and perhaps a few others — the day of remembrance will be a nearly all-Democratic affair.

It’s not surprising given how hard the GOP has worked to pivot from all things Jan. 6 over the past year. But the more they avoid the subject, the more the GOP base shrugs at what happened that day — and the stronger DONALD TRUMP becomes. For Republicans who want him gone, silence has only served as an enabler.

This has potential to be as significant as the Watergate hearings were (going on hearsay because I was too young to pay attention or understand what that was about), so I hope that they go through with broadcasting this.

UPDATE 1: Scissorhead Purplehead reminds us that the WaPo has an excellent guide to who’s who in the Stupid Coup, very funny but also useful!

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7 Responses to More Popcorn: The Stupid Coup Hearings Might Be Broadcast

  1. I’m sorry TG but you are wrong about FOx; their in-depth coverage will be of violent Antifa Democrat BLM Panda-on-Panda Sex, with quick updates on the continuing poutrage over remote learning for students with their [checks notes] all-remote Zoom Panel.

    I have 200 quatloos on Judge Jeannie drunkenly turning on an inappropriate background or turning herself into a pickle on one of these thing eventually.

    (yes, either teams or Zoom has a ‘Pickle’ filter the secret sauce is an app called Snap Camera Back in the beginning it was part of our official duties to familiarize ourselves with all the available options for these apps, for training and support purposes, of course. Much the same way that Quake is a “Network Throughput Testing Tool’, right? )

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    Well maybe TFG will travel the path followed by Nixon as both of them were a national disgrace. Nixon got into office by running a law and order campaign, yet his policies killed around 40,000 American troops and an additional 1.5 million Vietnamese, and he was a crook. And yet as history tells us he was kicked out office office because his plumber unit sprung a leak, and yes there was some deep throating involved. But the bigger criminal is TFG who subverted our Republic, the rule of law, and the Constitution by refusing to admit defeat, and stirring up the rabble in a planned attempt to overthrow the government. Fortunately for us, the attempt failed because TFG didn’t plan it very well, and we got lucky. It’s been stated in pre-TFG times that Nixon was the worst President ever, but now the honor or dishonor clearly belongs to TFG…

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  3. Stephen Cochranesi says:

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  4. revzafod says:

    “Most of them are relieved they have an excuse to be out of town: attending former Sen. JOHNNY ISAKSON’s funeral in Atlanta.”
    BBB. Voting Rights. Quorum is 51.

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  5. Lsamsa says:

    Well considering this debacle was televised in many countries around the world, I would certainly hope (tricky thing these days) that the committee would want to have the same opportunity for exposure.
    I would be watching on CBC as I did when watching the debates, the impeachments, the Kavanaugh hearing joke, and much more. A tad less about the talking heads with blinders.

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