Cougar Claims Another Victim

The Best… Is Yet… TO COME!!1!
[Narrator: Probably not.]

Guys, Junior Mints has made an honest woman of his emotional support cougar:

Kimberly Guilfoyle…sparked engagement rumors when she was seen wearing a massive diamond ring on her ring finger in a photo she posted to Instagram on Saturday. “Tonight was extra special celebrating @donaldjtrumpjr’s birthday,” she captioned the pic of herself and Don Jr. standing in front of a Christmas tree. “Don, you are strong, smart, courageous, funny and the love of my life. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. Love you. Trump Jr., 44, secretly popped the question to 52-year-old Guilfoyle on New Year’s Eve 2020, according to the Daily Mail.

“Don and Kim got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2020 — which is Don’s birthday. They’ve been together for almost four years now and have been friends for 15 years,” an insider told the website. The source added, “They’ve kept it private for the past year as they settled into life in Florida after moving from New York” and that “both are focused on their children —they have six between them — and their work.”

Presumably Guilfoyle wanted it kept secret for, you know, REASONS, and who can blame her for wanting to keep her options open? I mean it’s not exactly a Hallmark Movie Moment to say to your fiancé, “Honey, let’s not tell anyone unless we have to.”

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4 Responses to Cougar Claims Another Victim

  1. Well, they muct be getting worried about all that financial fraud they’ve done grifting “Stop The Steal” money, but doesn’t spousal privelege only apply to acts committed while you’re married???

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  2. Batman 54 says:

    Poor children.

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  3. osirisopto says:

    So, now she needs to get him to sign off the lap dances to her “donors”?

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  4. Stony Pillow says:



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