Rudderless Republicans’ Messaging Problem

The Modern Republican Party

The WaPo tells us that Rudderless Republicans are bad at message discipline:

The far-right firebrands and conspiracy theorists of the pro-Trump Internet have a new enemy: each other.

QAnon devotees are livid at their former hero Michael Flynn for accurately calling their jumbled credo “total nonsense.” Donald Trump superfans have voiced a sense of betrayal because the former president, booed for getting a coronavirusimmunization booster, has become a “vaccine salesman.” And attorney Lin Woodseems mad at pretty much everyone, including former allies on the scattered “elite strike-force team” investigating nonexistent mass voter fraud.

After months of failing to disprove the reality of Trump’s 2020 presidential election loss, some of the Internet’s most popular right-wing provocateurs are grappling with the pressures of restless audiences, saturated markets, ongoing investigations and millions of dollars in legal bills.

¡GASP! It’s like every grifter for hisself!

The result is a chaotic melodrama, playing out via secretly recorded phone calls, personal attacks in podcasts, and a seemingly endless stream of posts on Twitter, Gab and Telegram calling their rivals Satanists, communists, pedophiles or “pay-triots” — money-grubbing grifters exploiting the cause.

The infighting reflects the diminishing financial rewards for the merchants of right-wing disinformation, whose battles center not on policy or doctrine but on the treasures of online fame: viewer donations and subscriptions; paid appearances at rallies and conferences; and crowds of followers to buy their books and merchandise.

I was surprised to read this at all, tbh, because usually this sort of framing nulls and voids Our Failed Political Press’ ™ Prime Directive: there must a BOTH SIDES to “balance” the reporting.

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8 Responses to Rudderless Republicans’ Messaging Problem

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    “When hate runs out of enemies, it turns on itself.” – Me, but it’s probably not original

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  2. The only message the Republicans actually need is copiously supplied by out failed political press which has been busily convincing the American public that Biden’s agenda is in shambles, VP Harris is on her way out, the economy is just limping along , and Ooga Booga Inflation is coming to eat all our munnies.

    meanwhile in reality inflation is still entirely a function of staggering demand; as evidenced by the 7% growth in GDP, record retail sales, thanks to an infusion of money (in the form of the pandemic relief and better wages) to the people who will spend it rather than use it to buy back stock, art, and yachts.

    Therefore, we have to crush the economy before the peasants get too well off. Can’t have them

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  3. roket says:

    I ask you. Who could have possibly predicted such an occurrence? Hmmm?

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  4. Steve M. says:

    It’s also not very plausible. Republicans invariably close ranks when they recognize their shared hatred for all Democrats.


  5. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The entire movement has been one big scam for decades.


  6. schmice3 says:

    This is the only time where the saying”: the enemy of my enemy is my friend” doesn’t work for me.’


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