Never Trumpers Make 2022 Predictions

The bed-wetters over at The Bulwark have their 2022 predictions posted, and I’ll jump the chase: the boys (mostly boys, but a few gals) have dystopian rage boners, and it begs the question: do Republican ladies get rage boners?

  • Amanda Carpenter: COVID Wins.
  • Jonathan V. Last: Impeachment begins.
  • William Kristol: Foreign policy returns.
  • Jim Swift: QAnon gets crazier.
  • Ben Parker: Dems hold the Senate.
  • Mona Charen: Political instability rises.
  • Hannah Yoest: Economic collapse, maybe war.
  • Sonny Bunch: Don’t Look Up wins Netflix its first Best Picture Oscar.

Each bullet item has a one-paragraph expansion of their thesis.

What is not there, explicitly, is the demand that Democrats listen to these Never Trumpers, you know, to save America from Republicans like themselves that built the monster we are now fighting.

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3 Responses to Never Trumpers Make 2022 Predictions

  1. William Kristol: Foreign policy returns.

    [Without looking first]

    Given the only kind of “Foreign Policy” Bloody Bill favors, I”ll say his is less a rageboner than a warboner.

    [checks website]

    … and then in a big way for the half dozen years after 9/11, foreign policy really mattered.

    Nailed it.

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  2. Jimmy T says:

    OTOH Huffpo (yes I know) just reported that Trump and family have been subpoenaed by Letitia James. Do we have enough popcorn?

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    • MDavis says:

      Snippet from that article –

      [Letitia] James, a Democrat, …

      She has subpoenaed Trump, a fat white male, Trump Jr., an alleged stepping stone for one Kimberly G., and Ivanka, a bottle blond.


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