He’s Baaa-ack!

Joe Manchin: “It’s all about me, Me, ME!”

It’s like a revival of the worst sitcom ever:

Scoop: Manchin returns to Build Back Better negotiations with demands

I almost clicked the tab closed, Scissorheads. Almost.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) is open to reengaging on the climate and child care provisions in President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda if the White House removes the enhanced child tax credit from the $1.75 trillion package — or dramatically lowers the income caps for eligible families, people familiar with the matter tell Axios.

Why? Because as a Coal Baron,  he cannot have child coal miners if they are not starving and thus ready to dig? Did I get it right?

  • The senator’s concerns with the size and the scope of the package remain.
  • His belief that it could cost more than $4 trillion over 10 years extends beyond the CTC issue, and he continues to tell colleagues he’s concerned about the inflationary effects of so much government spending, Axios is told.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its next Consumer Price Index on Jan. 12. Last month’s reading put inflation at 6.8% for the year — fueling Manchin’s opposition.

Sure, he’s worried about inflation. Got it.

So what’s the plan?

Between the lines: One possible solution to the stalemate would be to remove the CTC from the Build Back Better legislation, which the Senate plans to pass with only Democratic votes.

  • The chamber could then have a separate, focused debate during a midterm year about making the tax credits permanent.
  • Some Republicans, like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), are supportive of the CTC, but it’s unclear if Democrats could find all 10 Republicans needed to clear the 60-vote threshold for passing major legislation.

That won’t work: you cannot shame the shameless. The Republican Party would break into fisticuffs to win the right to take the bowl away from Oliver.

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  1. The Republican Party would break into fisticuffs to win the right to take the bowl away from Oliver.

    The Aristocrats! Pro-Life Party, ladies and gentlemen!

    Note: West by-god Virginia, the state he ostensibly represents, has the 7th highest rate of shild poverty in the US, but I expect that’s hard to see from behind the wheel of his Maserati or on the deck of his yacht.

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