Report What Was Our Twice Impeached LOSER Doing During The Stupid Coup?

“Hamberders, anyone?”

Hair Füror didn’t do anything during the attack because everything was going according to plan: the certification was disrupted, as he wanted.

What our Traitor-in-Chief was not counting on was that the insurrection would fail AND that Congress would continue with the certification.

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5 Responses to Report What Was Our Twice Impeached LOSER Doing During The Stupid Coup?

  1. roket says:

    She sounds scorned.

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  2. If the salvation of our democracy comes down to Potatoe Dan convincing Dense to not go along with the plan, I will take back every bad thing I’ve ever thought of him…well almost everything…

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  3. Poor Liz is shy with her imagination as “a more serious deriliction of duty” is plotting the whole thing in the first place. Everything is evidence of that.
    TFG didn’t “fail” (to respond) -he refused.

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    • MDavis says:

      She may be deliberately understating it. There’s another tweet video replying – of a tent occupied by core trumpies, watching the crowd, Kimberly dancing (without a pole! She does have skills!), Don Jr and Kim saying “fight!”. I can’t tell exactly what is on the screen, but there is one shot of an ambulance driving by. Maybe this is the prep before the party retired inside to watch in more comfort? Maybe tfg got tired of all that standing, or thought it might be wearing down his battery? Dunno –

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  4. Sirius Lunacy says:

    If someone HAD convinced the the Orange Foolius to go on TV he would just have just ended up encouraging the seditionists in his usual clumsy poorly disguised dog whistles. On one hand we would have a smoking gun on videotape, but on the other hand there may have considerably more damage done at the Capitol.

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