Our Failed Political Press Announces The New Normal

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie) morning email thingie is allegedly the most read newsletter by our elite political press and is said with some credibility to frame the news of the day (Hot Takes and Win The Morning!), and they have been going full Fox News since their recent purchase by some very conservative German publishing concern (and thus being remonikkered Der Tiger Beat auf dem Potomac by our Patron Saint Watertiger), but hot damn! The lead this morning is directly from the fever swamps of the RNC (emphasis theirs):

Happy 2022, y’all, and welcome to the election year.

The question on everyone’s mind right now is this: How bad will it be for Democrats? Will the GOP simply recapture the House, as the minority party typically does in the first cycle following one-party rule of Washington? Or will this be a beefed-up version of 2010/2014, with a massive Tea Party-like wave sweeping Republicans into power and flipping both chambers of Congress?

They don’t even hold out the possibility that Team Evil might lose. It’s all, Will Republicans win bigly or win GIGANTIC-ER!!1!

Will Democrats have something new to campaign on, like a slimmed-down version of Build Back Better? Or will The Other Joe With Veto Power (Sen. JOE MANCHIN) hold the line? And if the West Virginia senator caves — and should Democrats muster support for some sort of social spending bill — will it even matter to voters? Or will inflation and supply-chain concerns continue to dominate voter fears and motivate ballot decisions, as they did in 2021?

That would be the inflation and supply chain issues that didn’t put a damper on the recent holidays with record-breaking spending, not just a modest year-over-year? The gift shelves that were not barren? That supply chain?

And don’t forget the pandemic that was supposed to be under control by now. How bad is this thing going to get in the coming weeks and months — not only regarding infection rates and death, but in supercharging the culture war? And what will the ongoing pandemic mean for Biden, his agenda and the Democratic Party writ large?

You mean,  dying to own the libs?

We shift now to Axios’ morning email thingie:

Politics: One year after Jan. 6, and as redistricting resets the board, Donald Trump’s loyalty tests could fracture or radicalize the GOP. Democrats’ inability to modify the filibuster or enact voting rights protections — along with their own fractures and President Biden’s sinking approval ratings — could exile them from power come November.

Notice the framing? “The Democrats inability” is a world away from “The Republicans sabotage.” But the press has so normalized intransigence from Republicans that they don’t even remark upon it. That’s the new normal.

MPS is not the first blog to note this and certainly will not be the last, but our Failed Political Press ™ is blaming the Left for NOT fixing the problems the Right created fast enough.

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  1. Yes, The Left, who pushed too hard, and did not do what The Moderates wanted, which was to do what The Moderates wanted and nothing more, or even less, if possible.

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  2. roket says:

    The republican talking points they’re using aren’t aging well.

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