Go Home, Junior Mints, You’re Embarrassing Yourself

I’ll say.

Hey guys, remember that time when Junior Mints told us that a vaccine mandate in the armed forces would lead to decimation in America’s military ranks?

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!) tells us the bad news (emphasis mine):

The Marine Corps announced Thursday that it has kicked out more troops for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine. The total number of discharges has risen to 206, up from 169 last week.

So 206 out of 180,958 is, uh… not many.

(And frankly, I’m relieved to see them gone given the high correlation between anti-vaxxers and the 4th Reich.)

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7 Responses to Go Home, Junior Mints, You’re Embarrassing Yourself

  1. Jimmy T says:

    I spent some time in the Marines. One thing I learned early on is that refusing an order constitutes bad conduct. Will be interesting to see how many BCDs (Bad Conduct Discharges) are the result of their refusal to get the jab. I knew one or two fellow marines that got BCDs, and they said it followed them wherever they went…

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  2. When I was in the USAF (SSG 43151E Active 2/20/1967-11/26/1970), receiving shots was a mandatory military formation. Not getting your mandated shot was incomprehensible.

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  3. roket says:

    Now we wait and see how many of those 206 die from COVID.

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  4. Local sheriffs dept may lose up to 130 corrections officers tomorrow because they’re too stoopid to get a fucking vaxx.

    What’s that they say when they’re beating and choking out some poor fuck half to death? Oh yeah!



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