Floriduh: Where The Debris Meets The Sea Is Missing Its Governor

Floriduh is having a pretty tough Trump-Virus spike and it’s governor is nowhere to be found:

And if you spent any time on Twitter yesterday, you probably saw that Gov. DeSantis’ official account was sending out tweets for him featuring pictures from weeks/months ago, trying to pass them off that he was on-the-job.

His press secretary attacks:

And then there’s this:

Which is the most passive-aggressive non-sequitur response of all. It’s like your snidest friend saying, “I don’t criticize you for wearing that tie with that shirt,” which in effect is criticizing you for exactly that thing.

So is Ron DeSantis in the hospital? Who knows! Pushaw was blocking people who directly asked that question.

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22 Responses to Floriduh: Where The Debris Meets The Sea Is Missing Its Governor

  1. Stony Pillow says:

    Delta or Omicron? Only the vet feeding him Ivermectin knows for sure.

    Two weeks sounds like Delta. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving soul.

    But he is only 43, and seems to be in good shape. He’s got a better chance than most of his fan club in The Villages.

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  2. sos says:

    Pin the tail on the coward.
    Where in the world is Scram DeSantis?
    Hide and/or go ventilate.

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  3. roket says:

    If they would just ignore him (like the COVID) he will go away.

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  4. Redhand says:

    The PR flack — Pushaw, what a name! — seems a bit defensive, no?


  5. Steve-O says:

    Would it be wrong to say I look forward to reading his… you know… with great pleasure?


  6. Jimmy T says:

    Just gonna drop this off…

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  7. glitterbug says:

    I like to think he’s intubated in Pensacola.


  8. Buttermilk Sky says:

    He’s having plastic surgery to look more like trump. Slowly but surely the whole cult disappears for a week and when they return…

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  9. purplehead says:

    This, from DeSantis’ other spokesperson.


  10. “Give it up, Heather-Christine. You’re not gonna make “Blue-Anon a thing.”


  11. Professor Pupdog says:

    Maybe he got lost looking for the Florida segment of the Appalachian Trail.

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  12. HarpoSnarx says:

    “Pushaw” / “pshaw” — seriously?


  13. MDavis says:

    Someone posted a tweet claiming he’s “with his wife getting cancer treatments”
    Oh, here it is. I can’t tell if it is deliberately ambiguous or if Joe is joking.
    (checks profile, top tweets), not joking, probably. He’s posting a rumor that NY officials (Ds, of course) want to let non-citizens vote. So…
    I don’t know if he realizes how stupid this tweet looks.


  14. pagan in repose says:

    Is missing DeSantis really considered a problem? I consider it a feature not a bug, as the youngsters say.

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