They Did Their Own Research

Scissorhead D-Cap sent me a link to this website: SORRYANTIVAXXER.COM which lists pretty exhaustively all the antivaxxers who had contracted and/or died from the Trump-Virus. At first it seems devastating (and very, very white) seeing entry after entry of people who were easily manipulated into killing themselves to own the Libs, but then comes both boredom: Another asshole bites the dust, and good riddance.

Before you come at me (@ me?) for speaking ill of the dead, I’ll remind you that I spoke ill of them when they were above ground.  I’m just going to say it: these people were selfish assholes who endangered all of us. Lining up to argue with a virus and then die from a preventable disease isn’t noble, it’s stupid. We’re better off without them infecting more people.

Do I feel bad for their families? Maybe in the short run, but these antivaxxer assholes endangered their own families, too. Their families are better off with them gone. Maybe they will get vaccinated and live to see another day.

Look, these assholes were babied, begged, and bribed  to get the free, safe, and effective vaccines and they turned it down; so that’s not tragedy, it’s a farce. And in the end it is natural selection in action. Again, we’re better off without them.

You want to tell me that they were standing on their principles, and I’ll tell you that they are now buried with their principles.

UPDATE 1: From Scissorhead Jimmy-T

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  1. Steve-O says:

    I celebrate a little every time an anti-vaxxer dies from Covid, and I don’t care.

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  2. Every time an anti-vaxxer gets COVID an angel gets his/her wings

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  3. Martin Pollard says:

    I, too, feel a great deal of satisfaction when reading about them (as Clarence Darrow once said). I never used to be this cold and callous towards people, but these selfish, ignorant a-holes have worn down both my patience (which I never had a lot of to begin with; thank my Italian heritage for that) and my empathy. I’m bone tired, both of this never-ending pandemic and the people who are making this pandemic never-ending.

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  4. I honestly never really understood the bit about not speaking ill of the dead. They’re dead it’s not like they can hear you. I understand not doing it to their grieving loved one’s…that’s just basic human civility, but there are a lot of dead who do need to have ill spoken of them, loudly and often.

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  5. roket says:

    High-ranking members of the republican party in my ruby red part of the country are starting to get concerned about the number of their fellow high-ranking members of the republican party who are dropping like flies around here. They are learning the hard way that you can’t fix the stupid. They are, of course, in my thoughts and prayers.

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  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    It’s a seemingly endless (Christ, I hope not) source of Schadenfreude. Every time I feel a pang of guilt, though, I remember that these people want to kill us, and in the case of Trump/Kushner, actually did kill some of us.

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  7. sos says:

    I yield to Jim Wright ( Who, like usual, says it far better than I ever could.

    “Look here: either you’re part of civilization and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to hold it together or you’re not. If you’re not willing to put aside your political ideology to protect your own families, and the rest of us, from a preventable disease, if you don’t care that much, then I’ve got no fucks to give for you. “

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  8. I check SAV about every other day. I go through a spectrum of reactions. I care for them because they’re human. Their ignorance and obstinacy appall me. I know what’s ahead for them if they’re on that site, and they often document it, confirming what the medical profession tells them is going to happen to them. I feel for them, except, you know, they mock the virus. Mock people like me taking protective measures. Sneer at masks and vaxes. Then they ask for prayers and help as the pain sets in and death crashes into them. By that point, I’m shrugging. They were warned. They brought this on themselves. But — what they’re doing to those of us who are trying, like you, Jill, like me, by prancing around, unvaxxed, undaunted, and unrepentant, carrying the virus, extending the reach. Well, yes, that’s when I feel satisfaction that the idiot is no longer part of the problem.

    Hugs and cheers.

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  9. purplehead says:

    The people who need to see the no beds means no beds video, won’t see it. And even if they did see it, ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  10. Redhand says:

    The back of that T-shirt is incredible. If this isn’t evidence of a death cult, I don’t know what is.

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  11. osirisopto says:

    I won’t waste a single erg of energy or instant in my life feeling sympathy for someone who died playing Russian Roulette.

    However, I will work to avoid being hit by the splatter when they reach the inevitable end of their game.

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    • Redhand says:

      The MAGA-mob is A-OK with “owning the libs” without the slightest self-reflection on how utterly anti-social and obnoxious they are. Consider that asshole who basically said “Eff You” to Biden in the telecom. Trump has normalized this behavior, just as he has normalized racism.

      I’m not going to emulate this in my behavior to them, but I also am not going to shed any tears over these fools who have killed themselves by buying into the Trump Death Cult. I look at them the same way I do members of the People’s Temple in Jonestown.

      Here’s a really sideways analogy, which quotes Jim Jones, and can be described as a musical case study in political madness, making murder acceptable, and cult mentality.


  12. Reblogged this on Scottie's Playtime and commented:

    The video no beds means “no bed means no fucking beds” is a video that needs to be seen by those who won’t understand it because they deny the hospitals are overwhelmed with the virus. We have friends still working in local hospitals, and they are at a breaking point. Many now are having family / home life problems they never had before. People who work in the hospitals, the care giving staff are all humans, all people who are suffering from all of this. I don’t have the words to explain how it is affecting staff, but I will say that my husband Ron won’t be going back to working on the ICU floor even part time even though they keep asking him to return now. There is no upside to providing care for these people that take their politics / delusions out on the medical people caring for them. Scottie

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  13. pagan in repose says:

    My question is where are the insurance companies in all this covid 19 shit. I mean to say are they losing money or what?

    I’m sorry but President Joe Biden needs to say something about the imminent collapse of our health case system nation wide. Caused by all the anti-vaxxers taking up all the bed space, and all the time of the health care workers. There is no space left in the health care system for anything else but covid 19. There is not enough attention being given to this enormous problem.

    I love the “no beds means no fucking beds.

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