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GOP’s Education Initiative

The Texas bounty-hunting gambit is taking all kinds of shapes and forms:

[Oklahoma’s] SB 1142 would allow parents who believed their child’s school was carrying a book in violation of the law to “submit a written request to the school district superintendent or charter school administrator to remove the book.”

The violating books in question would be any items relating to “the study of sex, sexual preferences, sexual activity, sexual perversion, sex-based classifications, sexual identity, or gender identity or books that are of a sexual nature,” according to the bill’s text.

I could probably make the case that the Bible should be banned on those grounds, what with the concubines and other interesting HAWT sexxxxytime stuff in there. Hubba-hubba!

Once the school receives the written request from a parent or guardian, the violating district would have 30 days to remove all copies of the book from circulation, according to the bill.

The bill goes on to state that the complaining parent “may seek monetary damages including a minimum of Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) per day the book requested for removal is not removed.” Additionally, the parent may also seek compensation for attorney’s fees and court costs.

So any parent has total veto power over any book? What could go wrong?

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  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    All Right!!! My retirement fund is covered. I’m moving to Texas and I’m going to file a complaint against every book in every school district and start collecting 10,000 dollars a day for each one of them till they take them off the shelf. I’m sure I can find something vaguely, kind of, sort of sex based in each and every one of them (especially the Bible).

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    • revzafod says:

      Uh, Serious Lunatic, You gotta move to Tejas del Norte, aka Oklahoma for book money. Bounties down here in Baja Oklahoma aka Texas are limited to them hussies what gets preggers.

      But maybe you could anchor a houseboat out in the Red River thru Lake Texoma and claim dual citizenship in both states. It’s worth a try.

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  2. schmice3 says:

    Cancel culture?

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    For some reason Proverbs 4:24 came to mind, “Put away from you a deceitful mouth, And put perverse lips far from you.” Wasn’t that TFG’s entire schtick? Deceit and perversion were his stock and trade, and the wannabee Christians loved him for it. Ok, WTF do I know about the Bible you may ask? Well during my very young years I was required to go to Sunday school and church every Sunday by my very conservative right wing parental unit, and where I absorbed a lot of useful things. To this day I still believe in the Beatitudes as guiding principles for living in the real world, but I am not a religious guy whatsoever. No I gave up trying to appease the false Christian version of God when the church (in toto) decided to accumulate political power rather than comfort the afflicted starting during the Raygun years. I simply walked away from the charade, haven’t looked back and never will…

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  4. roket says:

    Also FACISTS

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  5. Amazing! I cannot wait to get “The Scarlet Letter” and “Ethan Frome” banned from their libraries. (both were assigned to us freshman english students in high school. Neither are books a 13YO boy will ever willingly read.)

    The next year we got the good stuff. Julius Caesar and Hamlet. Stabbings galore!

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  6. Redhand says:

    or books that are of a sexual nature

    Fascinating. Check out this online article: “Oklahoma!” is one of the dirtiest movie musicals of all time. How’s this for starters:

    You may think the musical Oklahoma! is a sweet little show about friendly farmers and cowmen, but I’ve got an arousing awakening for you. Oklahoma! is drenched in sexual innuendo, rape metaphor, and bestiality references. After all, the whole plot revolves around who gets to take Laurey to the “box social” — a coded consummation metaphor if ever there was one.

    Clearly, any printed reference to the play in Oklahoma is fair game, including the script itself. I would go further and say that the performance of the play should be banned statewide since its performance will only encourage possession of this filthy script within the State’s borders, and that is definitely NOT OK.

    And one more fun fact: Oklahoma has the second-highest divorce rate in the USA in 2021, inched out only by Arkansas. So y’all caint (rhymes with “paint”) hear tell that there ain’t one of them thar compellin’ state interests to be put to bed here, he’ah?”

    And here I thought I had already shot my load in my earlier comment about the State. Yee Haw!

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  7. I have no idea what is on the current list the conservatives want banned, but BOTH of my daughters were given the lists of “banned books” when they got to high school in the Nineties, five years apart, and they went through them as part of a year-long “summer reading project”. They were BOTH victims of AP English when they were seniors in HS. The young one began working on the list when she was in junior high, as her older sister finished them.

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    • tengrain says:

      Sharti –

      Years ago I was at Powell’s Books in Portland Oregon and as you perused the shelves there were books that were wrapped in white paper, seemingly everywhere in every category.

      It was a protest against some proposed legislation that would ban books about LGBTQ related issues and/or written by LGBTQ authors, and it was stunning to see that a good portion of that enormous, city-block long store would be emptied (and that was just one location).

      I keep thinking we’ve gotten better, but progress is not linear.



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  8. glitterbug says:

    Especially in this Internet Age of access to everything, I think the fastest way to get 13 year olds to read a book is to tell them they can’t read that book.

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