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H/T Scissorhead Baron vonBeavis

We just hit the projected high of the day here in the Peoples Republic of Seattle: 22° with snow everywhere. Stay safe where’er you happen to be.

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  1. Jimmy T says:

    Not quite as bad down here in the Peoples Republic of Portland, but the roads here are a bit icy. The home commute for the working folks will be a challenge. For me and Cindy T, it’s a day spent reading not far from the wood stove (best investment ever when the power grid goes down). Of course we walked Rosa our Rottie Australian mix (damn Rotten Aussie) this morning around the nearby cemetery. She pretty much tells us what and when to do the things she likes. Se La Vie…

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  2. Eagerly awaiting the fun videos of car pinball🤪

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    • Sirius Lunacy says:

      I’m in Floriduh, it’s 78% and sunny but it’s tourist season so the roads are packed with impatient locals and clueless visitors (and Florida Man is also in the mix). This creates our own special version of car pinball.

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  3. ming says:

    Don’t drive in 4-wheel drive?? Sorry that’s dumb advice. Guess they don’t know how to steer out of a skid if you have traction in the front end. Just don’t be an aggressive dumbshit driving in 4 wheel drive.


  4. revzafod says:

    Here in Carrollton, TX, it hit 79 a bit ago.


    • Those dang Chinese Climate Hoaxers! They’re SO realistic!

      We’re getting the southern end of that system smacking TG, in the 50’s 60’s this week. Almost like it’s winter!


  5. TheOtherHank says:

    4 wheel drive makes go very easy. But stop is not easy. So don’t be dumbshit

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  6. purplehead says:

    Pshaw. Our high today hit 15°. It’s 12° right now. Plus, w i n d. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. Goin’ down to 3° tonight. My poor feral yard cats. 😦 I make sure they have plenty of food, unfrozen water, and a protective shelter. [Want to know about what a “no kill animal shelter” really means? This. I’m really pissed at humane society shelters that call themselves that. It’s a lie. Pushes responsibility away from them onto whoever feels so sorry for the feral kitties because they are starving to death, and now, freezing to death. Oooops. Sorry about the rant. I’m angry and frustrated.]

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    • MDavis says:

      That LIKE is for you taking care of those cats. We don’t usually get that low in temp, here, and our collection of ferals runs to around 5 who will show us their whiskers and who-knows that stay hidden and come to take our offerings once we’ve walked away. It’s always good to hear that someone else is taking care of their own clowder/


    • Wesley Sandel says:

      I’m opposed to feeding feral cats but no cats or dogs get killed at the animal shelter here in Santa Fe. We had a “problem” with feral cats here in my neighborhood. The shelter trapped them all, fixed them and then returned them. The apartment manager was furious.


      • purplehead says:

        The shelter trapped them all, fixed them and then returned them. The apartment manager was furious.
        That’s what I’m so upset about, about how cruel and inhumane it is to drop off neutered/spayed, ear-clipped, vaccinated cats into neighborhoods from where they came, to “fend for themselves,” as I was told. They do not “fend for themselves.” A few months ago, I watched three emaciated and starving cats eating bird seed from a dish in my yard. It was heart-breaking to see that. I ran out and bought a sack of cat food, and have been feeding them ever since. What else would someone do who cares about animals?

        (These might be the three kittens I trapped early this year and took to the shelter. Six had suddenly appeared in the neighborhood; I don’t know what happened to the other three, and maybe I don’t want to know.)

        Now I worry about where these three stay at night, especially now that it is sub-freezing/near 0°. They are siblings, they hang out together, they eat together, sometimes sleep together on a leaf-filled wheel barrow parked under my spruce tree. (They ignore two winter shelters provided by the shelter.) I worry about them—their health, the high traffic streets in my area. I worry about nasty people doing nasty things to them. What kind of life is that? If I had not started feeding them and making sure they have unfrozen water, what would have become of them? They were starving to death.

        The policy of “community cats” (which is the euphemism the shelter uses) is so wrong and stressful—not just on the cats, but on people who take on their care because no one else will. And piss off people who don’t want cats wandering around shitting in their gardens. I have to be here to feed and water them every day, fretting if one doesn’t show up in the morning. Because I care about them. One of them should definitely get a home; she lets me pet her; she weaves in and out between my legs; she’s really sweet. But I have my own two indoor cats.

        Not to mention all the birds they kill. I cannot feed birds in my yard, because of dangers lurking in the brush and garden. Surely the humane society must be aware of the prodigious number of wild birds killed by feral cats world-wide—estimations of 1.3 billion to 4 billion a year. This is an alarming situation. “Community” or feral cats are the biggest cause of the carnage.

        If the animal shelter judges some domestic cats as unadoptable, it would be more humane to euthanize them than to throw them out into a Darwin’s world; and to ignore their impact on bird populations. My vet said to me a few days ago, feral cats do not do well, do not have long lives.

        I realize the fraught path this would leave in the public sphere, killing otherwise healthy animals, but they need to be honest with the citizenry about the realities of what TNR “community cats” are.

        Trap-Neuter-Release/“Community Cat” program is foolish and brutal and a big lie. “No-kill Shelter” really means shifting responsibility to someone else at the other end. It also ensures a harsh and short life for these cats. And peril to bird-life.

        They need to rethink this policy into something more ethical and truly helpful for cats and birds. What they are doing right now is none of those, and not sustainable. There must be better strategies. They need to do better research.

        This is why I am so angry. And I let them know why I was not donating to them this year.


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