Idiot, Russian Asset, or Both?

THE CAPTION: “Vacation house of the Fuhrer. Seeing the Eagles Nest has been on my bucket list for a while, it did not disappoint. Strange to hear so many laughs and share such a good time with my brother where only 79 years ago a supreme evil shared laughs and good times with his compatriots.”

Roller Nazi* has some ‘splaining to do:

So… lemme get this straight, Maddie tells us about being recruited at a casino in St. Petersburg Russia by a guy from Miami who set up a fake Crossfit competition to set him up with his future wife. He then somehow ends up in congress, where he makes an ass out of himself and undermines democracy, and then his honeypot, er, “wife” leaves him (mission accomplished).

Wanna bet that there’s a pee tape, too?

UPDATE 1: We’re getting closer to pee-tape territory:

*H/T Scissorhead D-Cap

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22 Responses to Idiot, Russian Asset, or Both?

  1. Redhand says:

    I went home with a waitress,
    The way I always do,
    How was I to know,
    She was with the Russians too?

    The funny thing is, I’m married to one — going on eighteen years now.

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  2. revzafod says:

    Cawthorn may soon be needing lawyers, guns, and money.

    My favorite Zevon song.

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    • tengrain says:

      It’s one of the best songs in his oeuvre, probably the best.



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      • Redhand says:

        The immortal lines-

        Now I’m hiding in Honduras
        I’m a desperate man
        Send lawyers, guns, and money
        The shit has hit the fan.

        rank among the best in the entire history of rock ‘n roll, IMHO.

        They’re a double delight in my second life as an immigration lawyer.

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    • cthulhu818 says:

      I’m torn by many choices, but I love “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner”, because I’m weird.

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      • revzafod says:

        Well, cthulhu818, if I had to rank my five favorite Zevons, and of course now I have to,

        Lawyers Guns, and Money
        Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
        Poor Poor Pitiful me
        My Shit’s Fucked Up
        Excitable Boy

        I only got to see him once, in a small club in Dallas that held about 50 people.


  3. Jimmy T says:

    Not sure which is worse, a Russian stooge (betrayal of America), a wannabee authoritarian (betrayal of the Constitution), or a Nazi (Betrayal of humanity), but I’m leaning towards the Nazi…

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  4. sos says:

    Apropos of nothing, but has anyone checked Stephan Miller’s spousal background?

    I totally had him as an out and proud Incel.

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  5. Kiwiwriter says:

    Didn’t I see this in a Larry Bond or Tom Clancy techo-thriller?

    Where’s Jack Ryan?

    Shouldn’t the missile have more character depth than the human being?

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  6. osirisopto says:

    Oh. That explains a lot really.

    Now if only the Qanon crazies would be willing to admit they made a mistake, but current events prove they’d rather die.

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  7. TheOtherHank says:

    Or perhaps there’s a simple explanation: he’s lying (because the actual meet-Nazi is even weirder) and she left him because he’s a violent piece of shit.

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  8. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    The thing that makes me question this Red Sparrow narrative is that she’s a Florida Gal. The idea that she was recruited and trained by a Russian intelligence agency seems off.

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    • revzafod says:

      Right. No one living in Floriduh could possibly be a Russian agent, with one exception, of course.

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    • Richard Portman says:

      Good question. This seems like a homegrown problem.


      • Richard Portman says:

        Also, they are both priveleged idiots. Who cares ? I’m sorry that he is in a wheelchair, it is “not fair”. One of the bravest people i ever met has CP and requires a wheelchair, along with other assistance. He is kind, generous and funny. I doubt these poor young people were told about that.


  9. Grung_e_Gene says:

    Mad Nazi Cawthorn literally claims “Marine Todd” recruited him. Just like Trump, Madison is a groomed FSB asset, undermining the US government and harming the American people.


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