Please Forgive Us For Interrupting You On Christmas…

…as you conclude your wassailing of the orchards in your hamlets and hollers, but we would be remiss is we didn’t let you know that our pal Burr Deming has given us a Christmas Surprise with another round-up of the best of the blogs on Christmas Day!

You had best go see what he is up to at the essential blog Fair and Unbalanced.

We are keeping this post on top today and fresher posts —if any!— will be below.

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3 Responses to Please Forgive Us For Interrupting You On Christmas…

  1. Jimmy T says:

    Well, it’s Christmas, and I’m just gonna drop these off…

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  2. LOL, the FB idiots with rods up their asses gave me a three day suspension (the will go on my PERMANENT RECORD) for a completely innocuous joke to a friend. Yeah, making your platform less and less usable, that’s a real great move, Fuckerrberg.


  3. Happy Holidays, Tengrain, best from your zombie community supporters and wishing you the best brains in whatever weirdness coming down in next year of continuing entropy.


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