Frequently Flying the Very Friendly Skies Of Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein’s Air Forced One

Guys, the flight logs for Jeffrey Epstein were submitted into evidence at Ghislaine Maxwell’s Trial, which means that we now have a list of who was on the plane to Pedo Island and how often:

Donald Trump appears to have flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets six more times than was previously known, according to flight logs released as evidence in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial.

Previous disclosures of portions of Epstein’s flight log have shown world leaders, billionaires and celebrities among the many passengers who have flown on Epstein’s private jets.

The new log released as evidence in Maxwell’s case stretches back earlier than previous releases.

Anyway, I’m not a trained lawyer so I don’t know the Rules of Evidence well, but it seems to me that if something is in evidence it becomes public record, and I suppose could be accepted into evidence in other trials?


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  1. lofgren says:

    My impression with the planes is that Epstein loaned them to everybody, but not everybody who borrowed a plane from Epstein was looking for sex. What better way to hide your prostitution ring than having a bunch of innocent, wealthy, and powerful people thrown into the mix along with the johns? Now e.g. Bill Clinton has a strong incentive to protect you whether he is guilty or not. (Bill Clinton is guilty.)

    Also it feels wrong to call it a “prostitution ring” when the only person profiting is the pimp and the ladies are underage girls getting raped, but I don’t know what the proper terminology is and frankly I hope there is no proper terminology because that would imply this happens often enough that we need specialized jargon for it.

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  2. I may very well be prejudiced, but I believe everybody who came within a yard of Epstein is guilty, guilty, guilty. Hebephilia is bad enough; but raping them? I can enjoy ogling young women, but messing with them? That’s when I get off the bus!


  3. Cynical as I am, I don’t think that just because Epstein was a hebephiliac (-shiny new word for me today, ty!) that everyone who boarded his plane was one (hebephiliac ding!) also. “The Donald”, for example, rode with his family. That (unfortunately) gives pause for thought and deeper consideration. No doubt that social clamoring hebephiliac(!) Epstein begged notable/prominent people to use his plane for the bragging rights/association. I would think Epstein would’ve wanted to keep his hebephilia (-the word is already getting old) on the down-low and, therefore, not engaged the famous so readily. I just don’t think flight logs show what we want to (so desperately) believe.

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