No Honor Amongst Traitors

The Babadook or Roger Stone?

Richard Nixon enthusiast Roger Stone took to the Nazi Enigma Machine, er,  Telegram to suggest that hobo Steve Bannon was behind the call to breach the Capitol building on Jan 6:

“It is highly likely that Bannon really gave the order to breach the Capitol and maneuvered patriots into dangerous positions. A neophyte Steve Bannon was willing to try crazy things like this to curry favor with Trump who had no interest in Bannon’s bullshit.”

They are turning on each other already.

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11 Responses to No Honor Amongst Traitors

  1. Martin Pollard says:

    Speaking for myself, I think Burgess Meredith was a better (and better-dressed) Penguin than this mook could ever hope to be.

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  2. Rats in a sack, weighted with stones and sinking into the septic tank, will do that.

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  3. roket says:

    Now that’s entertainment.


  4. MDavis says:

    Right, Bannon’s trying crazy things…


  5. osirisopto says:

    I suggest gathering them all together in a locked room, then taking them out to be interrogated one-by-one and bringing them back in until you get to the fourth guy. Don’t bring him back and then separate the rest. Walking them out of the holding room as a catered lunch is brought to the interrogation room.

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  6. Tones says:

    ok are those supposed to represent human “smiles”?


    • Richard Portman says:

      Who is the woman? Surely it can’t be Elaine Chao? Who is that person, and why would she pose with a clown who wears a Nixon tattoo on his back ? Tell me again how is it these people have so much power?


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