And That’s A Wrap

Joe Manchin: “It’s all about me, Me, ME!”

Well, after wasting everyone’s time, the trash panda of the Senate Joe Manchin sinks the Biden Agenda and probably 2022 and 2024 elections.

“I can’t move forward. I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation, I just can’t,” Manchin said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“I tried everything humanly possible,” he added of his negotiations with Democrats, including Biden. “I can’t get there. … This is a no.”

If anyone is surprised, let us know in the comments.

UPDATE 1: A nice summary –

Context, people, context:

The White House responds:

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24 Responses to And That’s A Wrap

  1. pwarten says:

    I was surprised Manchin dropped the bomb now instead of waiting after Christmas.

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  2. What Manchin really is saying is he did not get his own way, and only his way, so he will vote no out of spite. He got called out and called arrogant because 48 other Democratic party Senators were able to compromise, able to accept not getting their own way, able to see the party came first, able to understand the people voted Biden president and this was what he said he would do on the campaign trail. Nearly 8 million more people wanted these programs than did not. Manchin seemed to feel he was voted president. Manchin felt he was so important he had a right to make all the calls.

    But what really burns my toast is listening to Chuck Todd and the other Sunday pundits claim how upstanding and honorable Manchin has been. How Manchin has said from the start how he would only do 1.5 trillion and how bad the Democrats were to all agree to more than that. Oh how they go on about how Manchin worried about the debt, inflation, he was worried about the hurt to the poor people. All Bullshit!

    Manchin has changed his reasons as fast as what he wanted was agreed too. Fact was his personal income and the income of his family was threatened by this legislation and so he was bound it had to never be enacted. He and his wife combined get over 1.1 million a year from the coal power plant his sons run. His daughter was CEO of a Pharma company that gave her a 30 million exit package for price gouging the fuck out of the people who needed the medication the company sold to save their lives. She got the job based on connections and a set of education degrees she did not earn or qualify for but got because her dad was Governor and then Senator. Manchin and family must kill the climate provisions to keep their money flowing from coal. Manchin knows he really cannot win a statewide Senate race against a tRump cult candidate, and knows tRump will push hard against him, so he is banking money from donors as hard as he can. Also he is banking their good will for after he loses the next election or doesn’t run. The donors don’t want the social spending bill, they don’t want the climate provisions any more than the Manchin family do, so they have bribed Manchin and Sinema with an unbelievable amount of hidden money. Remember Manchin got recorded at a Chamber of Commerce asking the wealthy to help him kill the bills they did not want by paying off other senators with high paying jobs after they leave the Senate or off the books perks. Sorry I will get off my soap box, but it angers me the way the corporate press is covering this story. Scottie

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    • Meremark says:

      I would NOT want to be a miner going underground in a Manchin coal shaft after this.

      That’s the proverbial stepping into HARM’s way. It’d be a shame if his houseboat sank.

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  3. Jimmy T says:

    Smokestack Joe only has eyes for what benefits him directly. If something about using more coal was in the bill, he would have caused a stampede in the Senate Chamber to get his vote counted…

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  4. gruaud says:

    Bernie is right, put it to a vote and make him accountable. His ‘no’ (on FOX, no less) was not even remotely surprising. So let’s make it official and throw it back in his face next year.

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  5. Mary says:

    If you know WV, you know it’s one of the most poverty stricken, backward states in the nation, but the population is predominantly white. They will always be against any anti-poverty measures, even those that would benefit them, if it would help a single brown or black person.

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  6. Redhand says:

    I can’t get up for elaborate analyses of his decision. I’ll say simply that he’s a corrupt piece of shit, and leave it at that.

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  7. w3ski4me says:

    Is it just my old person’s fuzzy memory, or is it really only the Democrats that stab their own policies in the back? I can’t remember Rethugs canning their own bills and stuff.

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  8. skinnydennis says:

    I don’t believe in hell. But there are times, man, there are times.

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  9. Richard Portman says:

    Why do we have to allow this? PROFANITY WARNING! Why does some fukked up geezer from West Virginia get to do this? Have you been to West Virginia? I have, and i was ashamed.

     We need to change our system. There is no way that a greasy shithead politician from a no account shithole state like W. Va. should have this kind of power. They survive on government money. I don't know the statistics but they are not known for excellence.

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  10. Tim C Linerud says:

    Worthless POS


  11. Who actually thought Manchin would do anything but “Lucy-and-the-football” the left -(and then go breathlessly and giddily running to Faux to announce it)? Man, we need a freshly-invigorating candidate/presidential ticket for 2024 ASAP to distract from this “internal” abuse. We’re kicking our own ass.

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  12. paul fredine says:

    does anybody actually believe he knows what it means to do something ‘humanly possible’?


  13. If you get as little as two miles off the interstate in West Virginia, you’ll believe you’re a tourist in “God’s Little Acre,” or even “Tobacco Road.”


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